Product Request Statuses

As a request moves through the supply chain, the Status changes as follows:

  • New – This indicates a brand-new request.
  • Released – The warehouse supervisor has allocated the quantity to the requesting location, but the product has not left the warehouse.
  • On DT – A Released request has been used to create a Delivery Ticket.
  • Picked – A Delivery Ticket has been created and a warehouse worker has gathered product for shipment.
  • In-Transit – The Delivery Ticket has been Loaded.
  • Procure – All resources to fill the request have been exhausted and Procurement needs to order from the vendor.
  • On Hold – The request has been pulled into a Purchase Order for the Requested Warehouse Inventory Department. Direct Ship Product Request forms imported into a Purchase Order with the Location's product, will be marked as On Hold.
  • Rejected – This indicates they are not going to get the product, cannot get it from the supplier, do not want to sell it anymore, etc.
  • Complete – Complete can mean either:
    • A request was pulled into a Delivery Ticket then the Delivery Ticket was loaded into an Inter-Company Transfer.
    • A request was pulled into a Purchase Order for the Requesting Location Inventory Department.

Note: A user security preference can be found by selecting Roles at Hub / Setup / Users to give the User permission to change the status of a Product Request without going through the normal, required Product Request transaction sequence of events.