Adding a Product Request

This feature provides locations a tool to request inventory from centralized warehouses and for the warehouse to release and ship the product. If product is not available at the warehouse, a Procurement team member can create a Purchase Order.

At Accounting / Inventory / Product Requests, choose Add Request.


Header information populates to all lines in the grid but can be edited on any line.

  • Date – This defaults to the current date.
  • Req. by Date – Enter the date product is needed. This date is required.
  • Requesting Location – This defaults to the location currently logged into. Double-click to change. The Requesting Location cannot be the same as the Requested Warehouse.
  • Requested Warehouse – Double-click to select the location from which products are being requested. This defaults to the Requested Warehouse from the previous request. The Requested Warehouse cannot be the same as the Requesting Location.
  • Freight – Optionally select a freight rate, Estimated Total$ or Estimated $/Unit, and Freight Vendor. After products are in the grid, select Apply Freight.
    Note: Currently, this information does not populate into Delivery Tickets or Purchase Orders created from Product Requests.
  • Pickup/Delivery – Select if product(s) are to be delivered or will be picked up at the warehouse.
  • Comments – Enter Comments about the request.

Product Grid

  • Product Selection – Double-click on <Product Name> in the grid to select products and quantities for the request.
  • Available to Deliver – This is a calculation of the amount available at the Requested Warehouse. This amount is not automatically calculated on Completed and Rejected requests. Select in this column on any line to calculate the Available to Deliver value on demand. The calculation is: Amt On Hand – Unloaded Delivery and Blend Tickets – Quantity on Released Product Requests = Available to Deliver
  • Manufacturer – The product's Manufacturer displays in this column. It is populated from the Requesting Location product.

Note: Columns in the grid can be selected/deselected. Hover over any column heading, right-click, and select Choose Columns Alphabetically. Tag/untag items in the list to select/deselect. Select and drag columns to rearrange. After columns have been selected and arranged, hover over any column heading then right-click and select Make This Layout My Default. This remembers the grid layout for this user.