Bookings - SKY Order


Use the Search field to search for Bookings by Ticket number, Date, Customer, or Location.

Select the Ellipsis icon to View PDF, Download PDF, or Void.

Booking Contracts have Sign Contract and Download Contract as additional options under the Ellipsis.

Note: In Agvance, a Contract Format must be selected on the Booking before saving for these options to be available. 

Selecting Sign Contract opens the contract to review. Select Sign Contract again to have the Customer sign the contract, then choose Accept.

Add a Booking

Bookings can be added by selecting the + Add Order icon at the bottom right corner of the page then choosing + New as Booking.

Note: Auto-numbering for Bookings must be turned on in Agvance to create a Booking in Order. The timing of turning this feature on impacts Agvance data. Please contact SSI for assistance.

Step 1: Order Details

  1. Select the Location for the Booking.
  2. The Salesperson defaults as the Salesperson selected on the User profile in SKY Admin and can be adjusted.
  3. Import Plans into the Booking by choosing Import Plan to display the Select Plans to Import section. From here, search for Plans or scroll through the table to find and check the appropriate Plan(s). Importing Plans automatically populates the Splits, Payment Terms, Products, and Pricing.
    Note: Searching for Plans will reset selected Plans.
  4. Under Import Options, one customer's share of a Plan can be imported by selecting Import selected customer's share only and indicating the Customer from the drop-down. Optionally choose Do not combine like products. Select Import Selected Plans. A message below Import Selected Plans indicates whether or not the selected Plans have been imported.
  5. Upon selecting Import Selected Plans, a progress window displays. Once the Plans are imported successfully, the message changes to indicate selected plans have been imported. 
    If there is a split conflict, choose the appropriate split or enter a custom split and select Continue.
  6. Optionally indicate the Start and End Date for the Booking.
  7. Select Make Order by Field to create the order by Field, which defaults in the bill split arrangement set on the Field selected in the next step.
    Note: If Plans were imported, this step is not available.
  8. Select Next Step or choose the next step in the process to proceed.

Step 2: Splits

  1. Select the customer(s) or field for the Booking by using the Search Customer/Field field. If making an order by Field, only one Field may be selected for the order.
    Note: If Plans were imported, the Field will already be populated.
  2. To remove a customer or Field from the split, select the Trash Can icon.
  3. The first customer listed on the split defaults to 100% of the split. Any subsequent customers selected default at 0% of the split. Use the Up/Down Arrows to adjust the split percentage or key in the preferred split arrangements in the Split % fields.
  4. When satisfied with the selected Field or split arrangement, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process to proceed.

Step 3: Products

  1. To add a product, begin typing a product name in the Search bar and select the desired product(s). Choose Filters to search for Products in a specific department.
    Note: If Plans were imported, the Products from the Plan will already be populated. Additional Products can be added.
  2. Continue adding products using the Search Products field.
  3. To remove a product, select the Trash Can icon.
  4. When all products have been added, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process to proceed.

Step 4: Pricing

  1. Optionally select Payment Terms and/or a Booking Contract by choosing from the drop-downs. These must first be set up in Agvance.
  2. Review/edit any information in the Splits section.
  3. Enter a quantity for each product and press the Tab key on the keyboard to move to the next detail for that product.
    Note: Products that are a part of a Technology Group will display the customer's license number if applicable. If the customer(s) on the order do not have a tech license and the Booking Check Method is set to Warn Only on the Tech Group at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / Product, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is recommended to continue the order with this product but will allow the Booking to be saved. If set to Restrict Sale, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is required to continue the order with this product and will prevent moving on to the next step/saving the Booking.
  4. Select the appropriate Pricing option for each customer. This allows customers on a split to be priced independently.
    • Use Price Levels – This adds the default price in the Price $ field. If multiple Price Levels are available, they can be chosen by selecting the down-arrow in the Price $ field. If this option is selected and there are no Price Levels established, a Price $ must be manually entered in order to complete the Order.
    • Custom Price – This changes the price to 0 and a custom price can be entered in the Price $ field.
  5. When all products have been added, choose Next Step or select the next step in the process to proceed.

Step 5: Review Order

  1. Review all details of the Booking including Location, Order Status, Salesperson, Split Information, Product Information, and Product Total.
  2. Make corrections by choosing Previous Step to navigate to the previous step or select the appropriate stage from the process list.
  3. For Booking Contracts, a Seller Signature can be applied by checking the Assign Seller Signature option. If the Seller Signature Only From Logged In User option is selected at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab, the user logged in will default in the drop-down and cannot be changed. If this option is NOT checked, the Seller Signature can be selected from the drop-down.
    Note: A signature must be set up in SKY. Additionally, a Contract Format must be selected when adding the Booking.
  4. Add any Notes to include in the Agvance transaction as comments.
  5. When satisfied with the Booking details, select Save.