Sales Orders - SKY Order


All Sales Orders are displayed including the Ticket #, Date, Customer, Location, and Status.

Select the Ellipsis icon for any Sales Order to View PDF, Download PDF, or choose Delete to permanently remove that Sales Order. Once deleted, the Sales Order cannot be recovered.

For Sales Order Contracts, a Download Contract option is available under the Ellipsis.

Add a Sales Order

Sales Orders can be added by selecting + Add Order at the bottom right corner of the page then choosing + New as Sales Order.

Step 1: Order Details

  1. Enter the Location for the Sales Order.
  2. The Salesperson defaults as the Salesperson selected on the User profile in SKY Admin and can be adjusted.
  3. If needed, enter the Start, End, and Expire dates.
  4. Choose the Type from the drop-down - Pickup, Deliver, or Booking.
  5. Select the Status drop-down to choose Offered, Approved, or Declined. This will sync with Agvance.
  6. Indicate the Estimated Delivery Date.
  7. Optionally select Make Order by Field to default in the bill split arrangement set on the selected Field in the next step.
  8. Select Next Step or choose the next step in the process list.

Step 2: Splits

  1. Select the customer or customers for the Sales Order by using the Search Customer field.
  2. Customers with active Ship Tos will have a Ship To Address drop-down. If one of the Ship Tos is marked as primary, it will default in. If the first customer on the split does not have any Ship To addresses, the drop-down will be disabled.
  3. To remove a customer from the split, select the Trash Can icon.
  4. The first customer listed on the split defaults to 100% of the split. Any subsequent customers selected default at 0% of the split. Use the Up/Down Arrows to adjust the split percentage or key in the preferred split arrangements in the Split % fields.
  5. When satisfied with the split arrangement, select Next Step or the next step in the process.

Step 3: Products

  1. To add product(s), begin typing a product name in the Search bar and select the product. Choose Filters to search for Products in a specific department.
    • The Product ID, Department, Department ID, and Amount on Hand information for each product is displayed.
  2. To remove a product, select the Trash Can icon.
  3. When all products have been added, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process.

Step 4: Pricing

  1. Choose a Payment Term by selecting the Payment Term field and choosing from the drop-down menu.
  2. A Sales Order Contract can be selected from the drop-down. Doing so gives the ability to download the contract.
  3. Enter a quantity for each product and select the Tab key on the keyboard to move to the next detail for that product.
  4. Select Add Discounts to search and add discounts for this Sales Order.
  5. Select the appropriate pricing option for each customer. This allows customer on a split to be priced independently.
    • Use Price Levels – This option adds the default price in the Price $ field. If multiple Price Levels are available, they can be selected by choosing the Down Arrow in the Price $ field. If this option is selected and there are no Price Levels established, a Price $ must be manually entered in order to complete the order.
    • Custom Price – This changes the price to 0 and a custom price can be entered in the Price $ field.
  6. When all product details have been added, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process.

Step 5: Review Order

  1. Review all details of the Sales Order, including Location, Order Status, Salesperson, Split Information, Product Information, and Product Total.
  2. Make corrections by selecting Previous Step to navigate to the previous step or select the appropriate stage from the process list.
  3. Optionally, add any Notes to include in the Agvance transaction as comments.
  4. When satisfied with the Sales Order details, select Save.