Bookings - SKY Customer

In Agvance, any Prepay money received must have a Product Booking associated with it. These Bookings can either be actual product at special prices or a generic prepaid item that is booked and used in season during billing just for the dollars.

Field Plans or Sales Orders generated in the Agvance Planning module may be imported into Bookings.

Bookings can either be paid at the time they are entered, or payments may be taken against unpaid Bookings at a later time. Unpaid Bookings are relieved based on the quantity, whereas paid Bookings are relieved based on dollars.

On the Bookings tab, a quick view of the information includes the Booking #, Booking Date, Start Date, End Date, Book Value, Remaining, Prepay, and User.

Bookings can be searched by Booking #, Booking Date, Start Date, End Date, or User using the Search... field at the top of the page. Full or partial dates can be searched. Additionally, select the Ellipsis button to choose to view Bookings by Ticket, Field, or Product.

Use the Filters menu to narrow down Bookings.

Select the Ellipsis icon for a Booking to View PDF, Download PDF, View PDF History, or Void that Booking.

Selecting View PDF History displays a window listing previous versions of the Booking with a Download button that can be selected to view or download a PDF of that version.

View Booking details by selecting the Booking #, which is highlighted in blue.

The resulting page displays all relevant Booking details such as customer splits, product names, quantities, and prices. To view Booking usage details, select the Product Name.

Select the Ellipsis in the top right to View PDF, Download PDF, or View PDF History.

A new Booking can be created by selecting the blue + Add Booking button in the lower right-hand corner. See here for more on adding a Booking.

  • Note: Auto-numbering for Bookings must be turned on in Agvance to create a Booking in Order. The timing of turning this feature on impacts Agvance data. Please contact SSI for assistance.