Mobile Job Manager


Using the Mobile App with Dispatch allows for a remote connection between drivers and the Dispatch program.

Devices and Applicators or Vehicles

iOS and Android devices with GPS and Internet capabilities and the Mobile App installed may be used as remote dispatch communicators. The device may be linked to an applicator or a vehicle, and may be color coded for easy recognition.

Jobs and Devices

When the Mobile App is enabled and a job is assigned to an applicator associated with a device, the job gets assigned to the Mobil App on the device. The device can be used to view details of the job, including job number and job location.

Devices and Job Status

The applicator/driver may be able edit a Blend Ticket, record conditions and change the status of a job from the remote device, depending on the API being used. If the status of a job is changed using a remote device, the changes can be managed from Agvance Dispatch as they are updated.

Tracking Devices

Above the grid in the Agronomy Work Orders window, the grid setting can be changed from Jobs to Devices using the radio button. When set to Devices, the remote devices show in the grid.

Two options on the bottom of the window change to read Show Devices and Show Trail.

Show Devices

Highlight multiple devices in the grid and select Show Devices. This plots the devices on the map. The device shown on the map is color coded with the color assigned in the device setup and labeled with the Applicator ID or Device Alias.

Show Trail

Select one device from the grid and choose Show Trail. This displays a breadcrumb trail of the selected device. The Trail Length may be set in hours for the amount of time to be displayed on the trail.

Remote Device Setup

Mobile Job Manager for Android

Initial device setup for Mobile Job Manager is a detailed process. Contact SSI for assistance with this setup.

Raven Slingshot

The initial setup process for Raven Slingshot requires many steps. To complete this setup, please contact SSI for assistance.

Assigning Mobile Device to Applicator or Vehicle

At the Agronomy Work Orders window, select Setup. On the Mobile Job Manager tab, select Add Row and input the Device ID. Select the Applicator ID or Vehicle ID in the grid. Optionally, select a color and text color to display on the Dispatch map and select a unique Device Alias. After this information is entered in the setup window, choose Save.

Sync Devices Timer

By selecting the Sync Devices option and entering a number of seconds into the Interval field, information is automatically exchanged between the devices and Dispatch module.

Device Map Functions

Hover Over Device

Hovering the mouse pointer over a particular device shows details about the device, such as status, direction headed, and speed traveled.

Hover Over Breadcrumb

Hovering the mouse pointer over a breadcrumb shows the device’s location, direction headed, and speed at the time the breadcrumb was laid down.

Print Devices

Selecting this option from the Show Devices map prints a map of the device locations.

Print Device Trail

Selecting this option from the Show Trail map prints a map of the device trail.