Margin Issues on Non-Supported Printers

Q.  When using a non-supported printer with Agvance, it is possible for some of the information on right- or left-hand edge of a report to be cut off (for example, the last two or three digits of the If Paid By Dates on Statements). This will happen on reports with a lot of information that print almost right up to the very edge of the paper.

A.  In one instance, the user had a Sharp AR-M450N. They called the manufacturer to find a work around. The manufacturer had them create a custom page for the printer whose size was just a little bigger than 8.5 x 11 (8.59 x 11.03, for example). Then, they chose the Fit to Page option. This essentially tricked the printer into believing it was printing to a larger piece of paper. It basically overrode the printer's restrictions for printing that close to the edge of the paper.

This work around may not apply to all printers or to all future versions of Agvance. It should not be necessary for any printer supported by Agvance. To view a list of our supported printers (which are tested with all reports in each version of Agvance), consult the ASO entry on hardware recommendations or call SSI support.