Check Printing Options

In Agvance, one check number sequence is maintained for each checking G/L account.  Some companies may have more than one location printing checks from the same checking account, or several printers may be used for check printing at a single location.  In that case boxes of pre-printed checks are divided up between the printers and each printer has its own range of check numbers.

Because Agvance can only keep track of one set of check numbers per checking account, users have to go to the printer to verify what the next check number is and manually type it in to Agvance.  This can be inconvenient if the user has to keep getting up to look, and if the printer is shared between several users there is a risk of two people grabbing the same check number.


Companies in one of the situations above have several options for facilitating their check number management.  Summaries of each option are listed below.  Contact SSI Support for more details.


PrintBoss is a solution developed by Wellspring software that allows check printing onto blank or partially pre-printed check stock.  PrintBoss shows up as an option in your list of printers, and uses templates to determine the final look of printed checks.  The check number can be printed on the paper as the check itself is printed, which eliminates any numbering issues.


  • Allows check printing with a single number sequence across all check printers for your company without changing your Agvance setup
  • Can accommodate blank check stock or partially pre-printed checks
    • Bank account number is not exposed until the check prints
    • Switch banks without making your check stock obsolete
  • Print a signature right on the checks
  • Flexible enough to handle check writing requirements for Canada and other special situations


Some auditors are concerned about blank check stock (positive pay may ameliorate this)
Special ink is required to print the checks, which entails a dedicated check printer

Note – this is only required if the micr info is not preprinted

Sample PrintBoss Checks

American Check

Canadian Check

Separate G/L Accounts

Separate G/L accounts could be set up in Agvance to represent each check number range.  Each of these G/L accounts would be set up as a checking account, and users would pick the account that represents their range of check numbers.


  • No additional equipment or software is required


  • Most users would have to select “their” checking account each time in order to get the right sequence; it would not default in for them
  • Screens in Agvance that display the checking account balance would not display an accurate balance
  • Checkbook reconciliation would have to be handled in a special way
  • Some initial setup may be required to combine the checking account balances and activity on reports
  • May have to periodically make journal entries using administrative splits to combine balances

More Printers

Some companies have worked around this issue by giving each user who prints checks their own printer.  The users will still have to manually type in their check number each time they print a check, but they can see what their next number is without having to get up. 


  • No changes required to Agvance setup
  • No additional software is needed


  • Additional printers have to be purchased to give each user their own
  • Users still have to manually type in the check number every time they print