Logo Setup on Mapping Reports

Q.  Can a logo be setup to print on Mapping reports?

A.  Logos can be setup to print on Mapping reports by navigating to Mapping / SSI / Mapping Preferences. At the bottom of the SSI Mapping Preferences window, select the Select Logo button. 

The Select Logo window displays.

Designate the level at which the logo should appear from the Where to Save dropdown menu. For example, a logo can be saved at the Company level, Territory, Location, or a particular Grower.

Select the path to where the logo is saved using the Logo Path textbox. 

Note: Acceptable file formats for logos are .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP.

A logo that is wide and short is recommended as this is the shape of the logo box on the Mapping reports. It is also best to eliminate as much white space as possible around the logo because it is automatically resized to fit the logo area on reports. Logos can be edited, saved, and selected again in this window.