Batch Print Delivery Tickets

This area at Accounting / Inventory / Batch Print Delivery Tickets allows a batch of Delivery Tickets to be printed, exported to a PDF, or, if the CRM module is used, the batch of Delivery Tickets may be emailed.

  • Select Range – Select from the Date, Delivery Ticket #, and Fiscal Month options for the range of Delivery Tickets to be included.
  • Start and End – Enter the Start and End values for the selected range.
  • Location – Select the location for the Delivery Tickets to be included in the batch.
  • User – This defaults to All users, but a single user may be selected to include only Delivery Tickets entered by that specific user.
  • Sort By – Select an option to sort the batch of Delivery Tickets.
  • Include – Select to include All Delivery Tickets, only Processed tickets, only Unprocessed tickets, or only Not Loaded tickets.
  • Select Customers – This defaults to All customers, but specific customers may be selected.
  • Printer Selection – When printing a batch of Delivery Tickets, select the printer where the tickets are to print.
  • # Copies – When printing a batch of Delivery Tickets, specify the number of copies of each Delivery Ticket to print.
  • Email Delivery Ticket(s) – This option is used in conjunction with the CRM module. If CRM is activated and the Customer is set up for Document Auto Delivery, the Delivery Tickets are emailed from this window.
  • Export to PDF – If the selected Delivery Tickets should be exported into a PDF, choose this option.
  • Export Path – Enter the path where the PDF of the selected Delivery Tickets will be saved.
  • Load Set/Save Set – Screen options for this function may be saved by using Save Set and then later can be retrieved by using Load Set.