Invoices - SKY Customer

Regular Invoices

The quick view of Regular Invoices includes the Invoice #, Invoice and Due Date, Original Amt, Amt Due, the User who created the Invoice and the Status – either Open, Paid, or Voided.

Invoices can be filtered by selecting the Filter menu.

Use the Search field to filter Invoices by Invoice #, PO Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, or User.

Selecting the Expand button expands the line item to display more information for that Invoice. The Cloud can be selected to View pdf or Download pdf.

The Selection option on the search bar is defaulted to OFF. Choose Selection: OFF to turn it on. Select the Ellipsis to Select All or Deselect All. Choosing Pay Invoices navigates to the Add Payment screen.

Choose Export to download a CSV of Invoices. Filters can be applied to refine the list before exporting.

Memo Invoices

Memo Invoices are tied to Budget Billing in the Energy module. Memo Invoices are a request for a monthly payment but do not affect the customer's balance, inventory, or the G/L.

Use the Search invoices field to filter Invoices by Memo Invoice #, Invoice Date, Due Date, User, or Status.