Plans - SKY Customer

In Agvance, Plans are used to generate nutrient recommendations, to create Field Plans using specific products, rates and prices or to create a quick Sales Order by Customer or Field.


A listing of all Plans for the selected customer is displayed. Search for Plans by Plan Name, Plan ID, Zone, Date, Acres, or Crop. Full or partial dates can be searched. Choose the Ellipsis on the search bar to change the List View Mode to Field or Product. (These options are only available when Selection is OFF.)

Use the Filter icon to narrow down the list of Plans.

Choosing the Eye icon shows and hides additional Plan information.

Select the Ellipsis icon for any Plan to Set Status to Blend, Edit Plan, View Plan, View PDF, or Download PDF. Choose Delete to permanently remove that Plan. Once deleted, the Plan cannot be recovered.

Turn the Selection mode to ON in the search bar to turn on the capability to select single or multiple Plans. Mark the checkbox for specific Plans or choose Select All from the search bar Ellipsis to batch edit.

Once Plans are selected, choose the Ellipsis on the search bar again to Change Approval Status or Change Grower 360 Visibility.

When using both Customer and SKY Order, Blend Tickets can be generated from Plans by selecting the Ellipsis to the right of the Plan and choosing Set Status to Blend. When this option is selected, a credit check and permit check runs for all customers on the Plan. Once the Blend Ticket is successfully created, it can be viewed from the Blends tab.

Selecting Edit Plan will navigate to that Plan in SKY Order. For more information on editing Plans, see here.

View Plan

View Plans in SKY Customer by selecting the Plan Name or by choosing the Ellipsis for the Plan and selecting View Plan.

Information for the Plan will display. Selecting the Ellipsis gives the option to Delete the Plan.

View splits under the Product Details section.