Invoice from Tickets Process

Import information from loaded Delivery or Blend Tickets into an Invoice.

  1. Navigate to Accounting / A/R / Invoice and select Add or choose the Add an Invoice icon at the top of the Accounting module.
  2. On the Select Customer(s) or Field for Invoice window, choose Import Tickets.
  3. Highlight the tickets to be included on the Invoice and choose OK.
    Note: Multiple tickets may be selected by holding Ctrl on the keyboard and choosing the tickets to be included. Select the Combine Like Items on Invoices option to combine the same product with like crop codes from different tickets into one line item on the Invoice. Leaving this unchecked lists each entry as a separate line item. 
  4. The Source Ticket numbers show in the Tickets area on the Invoice. The Source Tickets tab provides more detail of the imported tickets.
  5. Complete the Invoice. 
  6. When all information is entered, select Save. This does not affect inventory unless quantities are changed or additional products are added to the Invoice.
    Note: When the Invoice is saved, the Delivery or Blend Ticket is marked as Processed. This prevents it from being invoiced again. Voiding the Invoice makes the ticket(s) available for re-billing.