Invoicing Energy Tickets

Invoices can be created from Energy Tickets or directly from the PDO. 

Invoices from Energy Tickets are processed in the Accounting module of Agvance by selecting Add at A/R / Invoice.

Import Energy Tick. displays the Import Energy Ticket window. This window shows all Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders created in the Energy module, having an open status, and fulfilling the selected filters. The default shows all open orders. Once the ticket is imported into an Invoice, the status on the Energy Ticket is changed to Complete.

The Filters may optionally be used to only show orders for a particular Customer, Driver, Location, Route, or Region. Select the information to filter, and then choose Apply to filter the open Energy tickets.

Highlight the ticket or tickets to be invoiced, then select OK.

Importing a Single Energy Ticket

If one ticket is selected, the following Process Energy Order screen appears.

The customer displays based on the billing splits set on the tank. The tank serial number and product default from the tank.

The Amount populates if the order was filled by gallons. The Amount may be changed on this screen. If it was filled by % or dollars, Amount will be blank and the number of gallons delivered must be entered. This updates the Last Delivery Amount on the tank and populates the quantity on the Invoice.

If the tank is a scheduled delivery, the Tank % is required. This updates the Last Delivery Gauge %on the tank.

The Truck Ticket is optional information. This updates Last Delivery Truck Ticket on the tank.

Order #, Current K-Factor, and Aux. K-Factor are for informational purposes. The Order #is the Product Delivery Order number from the Energy module. Current K-Factor and Aux. K-Factor populate if the tank is marked to Update K Factor information (found at File / Open / Tank Information on the Delivery Info tab).

If the tank is set to Update K Factor and the tank has had at least two fills, selecting Apply calculates a new K-Factor and optionally updates the tank. If the Update K Factor box is checked on the tank file and the program calculates a new K Factor, the K Factor is automatically updated if the difference between the current and calculated K Factors is less than the tolerance % specified in Energy / Setup / Preferences / K Factor Update Tolerance %. If the difference is greater, a message displays showing the current and calculated %, giving the option to retain the current K-Factor or update to the new calculated K-Factor.

Importing Multiple Energy Tickets

Multiple Energy Tickets may be selected if the billing splits, state and adjustment tax codes, and the Budget Billing status match. If multiple Energy Tickets are imported, the following screen appears.

Scrolling to the right in the bottom grid allows the Tank % and the Truck Ticket number to be entered. The New K-Factor is visible if the tank is set to have the K-Factor automatically update.