Inventory Book Report

The options on the Report Criteria window of the Inventory Book Report allow additional information to be included to tailor the report to fit specific needs.

The options and uses are as follows:

Include Over-received PO Quantities – includes additional quantities received over the amount of the Purchase Order.

Include Products Without Bookings – includes products regardless of whether or not a Booking exists.

Consolidate across locations – combines products with matching Product IDs and Department Categories across locations.

Include Expired Bookings – by selecting this option, the report includes expired Bookings that still have quantities available. Otherwise, the Inventory Book report only includes Bookings that have valid dates.

Calculate Raw Ingredients – includes the raw materials that make up a manufactured product on the report.

Show ReOrder Column – if there is a re-order quantity set on the product, this option adds that column to the report.

Includes all Delivery and Blend Tickets – includes all Delivery and Blend Ticket amounts even if the amount delivered is over the original amount booked for the customer. 

Exclude Zero Quantity Lines – allows lines with zero quantities to be excluded.

100% to Grower – used if bookings are split, but the Delivery Tickets are not entered with those splits.