Importing New Soil Test Points and Results

Q.  How are new soil sample results on a field imported when the sample points have changed from the previous soil tests?

A.  Before importing the new results, evaluate if the previous soil test results and points should be preserved. If so, the Current season should be archived. 

Next, navigate to the Agvance Hub, edit the field that has the new soil samples and select the Samples tab. Select the row for each sample (Ctrl or Shift + click to select multiple rows). While pressing the Shift key, select the Delete key on the keyboard to delete and clear out the previous samples. Choose Save.

Finally, open Mapping and select Layers / Layer Import, and import the new shapefile soil sample points and results. If the soil test results are in .csv or .txt file format, import the points into Mapping or create a new site layer for the sample points first, and then import the soil test results using the Hub / Transfers / Import / Soil Tests option.