Export Soil Tests/Nut Recs

This function creates a comma delimited ASCII file for transferring soils tests and nutrient recommendations to other software programs. These files are in a public format and can freely distribute the format or use it to import the data into a spreadsheet, database, or word processing program. Agvance refers to this file format as #26 (previously #17) when importing.

How to Export Soil Tests/Nut Recs

  1. Select the menu option Transfers / Export / Soil Tests/Nut Recs.
  2. Select the customer for the test results and/or nutrient recs to export. Once the customer is selected, all the customer’s fields display in the box to the right.
  3. Highlight the field and choose Select (or double-click on the field) and the selected field appears in the list of fields to be exported.
  4. Choose the directory where the test results and/or nutrient recs are to be exported. If exporting to a hard drive, choose the directory on that drive where the exported data will be saved.
  5. Enter a file name for the data being exported and select Export.