Import Boundaries Utility

Field boundaries can be imported into Agvance Mapping using the Import Boundaries Utility. This utility allows for importing multiple shapefiles at one time. 

  1. Go to Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Mapping / Import Boundaries
  2. On the Import Boundaries window that displays, select the appropriate folder in the File Directory field. The File Directory path should be set to a folder containing all the necessary Well Known Text (.WKT) or Shapefiles (.SHP) to be imported. There should be one file per field in the selected folder.
    Note: The file name(s) must contain the Agvance GrowerID and the FieldID separated by an accepted delimiter (“, <, >, |, *, ?, \, /, and . are NOT valid delimiters). For example, Smith123_North40.wkt 
  3. Specify the File Extension for the file(s) to be imported. Both Well Known Text (.WKT) and Shapefiles (.SHP) are accepted file types. 
  4. Identify the file delimiter in the Grower/Field Delimiter in Filename field. For example, if the file name is Smith123_north40.wkt, the delimiter to be entered is “_”. 
  5. Select Import
  6. Once the import is complete, an Archive folder is created in the specified File Directory which contains the successfully imported files as well as the following folders and their associated files: 
    • BadFileData – Files which were unable to import due to errors 
    • FieldBoundaryExists – Files containing boundaries which already existed in the system for the specified Grower and Field
    • NoFieldFound – Files containing fields which did not match the FieldID in the file name