Bulk Importing Boundary Files

Bulk importing allows for importing one or more boundary files into Sky Mapping with a single import. The fields must be matched to a farm/field in the Agvance Hub to avoid creating duplicate fields in Agvance.

  1. Select Import from the toolbar at the top of the page then choose Upload File(s).
  2. On the Select Format and File(s) To Upload window, select Field Boundary from the Data Type drop-down menu and the appropriate template from the Format Type drop-down.
    Note: Templates are created by navigating to Setup / Templates. For help creating Templates, contact SSI Support. 
  3. Drag and drop the Boundary File(s) to be imported or choose Click Here To Browse To Files and selected the appropriate files. Choose Upload.
    Note: When importing files, all 3 file types included with a shape file – .DBF, .SHX, and .SHP – must be selected. Alternatively, a zip file containing several shape files may also be selected. 
  4. The selected Boundary File(s) will load and display in the Import menu. The individual processing status for each file displays in the lower right corner of each field line.
    Note: When the upload has successfully completed, the status for that field will display as Ready. A file that does not upload correctly displays a status in red text and is generally the result of an import template which does not match the boundary file. 
  5. When all files have a status of Ready, select the vertical Ellipsis at the line above the files to be imported. Choose Select All
  6. Select the vertical Ellipsis again then choose Import Selected.
  7. Once the import is complete, the Field Boundary Import window displays a list of each field boundary file which was imported.
    Note: File names displaying in black text indicate no overlapping issues. File names displaying in yellow text indicate a field with an overlapping boundary which will need corrected. File names displaying in red indicate an issue with a value that needs addressed prior to proceeding. See the Boundary File Import Troubleshooting guide. 
  8. If no overlapping boundary issues are present, select Add Fields. The field will be linked to the Agvance Hub as indicated by the checkmark in the Mapping column of the Select a Field window.