Importing Multiple Field Boundaries into Mapping

Q.  How can multiple field boundaries be imported into Agvance Mapping?

A.  The Mapping / SSI / Import Shapefiles tool may be used for importing field boundaries. 

Note: This tool should not be used to import any other shapefiles. The Layer Name, Layer Type, Spatial Type, and Import As Layer button at the bottom of the Import Shapefiles window should not be used or changed. These items are designed for very specific operations and are not to be used for standard batch importing of Shapefile boundaries.  

Before importing field boundary shapefiles, the target field must not contain any other layers, such as soil types, soil tests, etc. If these exist on the field, they must be deleted for the import to work.

To use the Import Shapefiles tool, select the Load Shapefiles button, and select the field boundary shapefiles to import. Choose the field in the tree that needs an imported boundary, and then select the corresponding shapefile in the grid by clicking on its row number. This links the chosen field and shapefile together for the import. Click the Import button.

To view the result of the import, select the field in the tree, and choose F5 on the keyboard to refresh.