Grower360 Delivered Grain Report

Run the Delivered Grain Report on demand rather than having the elevator generate the report and send it on.


For this report to work, a Grower360 user must be selected at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the API tab in Agvance.


  1. In SKY, go to Admin / Grower360 / Grain and turn on Delivered Grain under Grain Reports
  2. In Grower360, choose Create Report in the upper right corner of the Grain menu. 
  3. Choose Delivered Grain as the Report Type.
  4. Choose the Farm then enter the Date Range.
  5. Indicate if the primary sort should be By Commodity or By Farm.
  6. A spinner will display upon selecting Run Report to indicate the report is being prepared. 
  7. The report will open in a new browser tab.
    Note: If pop up blockers are enabled, these may need to be disabled for the Grower360 site to see the report. 
  8. Optionally download or print the report. If the report is closed, it will need to be regenerated to access it again.