Gap Analysis Dashboard


The Gap Analysis dashboard can be used to identify customers doing a significant amount of business with one line of business but little or none with other related product lines.


Filters applying to all tabs are set on the Filters tab. The Minimum Sales Dollar filter can be used to include only those whose total purchases for the selected time period are at least the amount entered. The Date filter can be used to include only Invoices with a date in that period. Choose a Department Type to determine how the lines of business will be grouped (i.e. Department Names, Sales Classes, Department Category, etc.). After choosing a Department Type, the Department filter can be used to select which Departments/Sales Classes/Categories to include.

On the Department Ranking tab, the MinMax Gap column calculates the difference between the best ranking and worst ranking based on sales dollars. The Total Gap column is calculated by subtracting each of the customer's rankings from their best ranking and then summing the differences.

This dashboard honors user restrictions based on customer location.