Filtering Product Requests

The grid of Product Requests defaults to empty but can be filtered and populated with requests that have not been deleted.

At the bottom of the Product Request grid, filters can be used as follows:

  • Date Range – Options here are No Filter, Date (this is the date the request was entered), or Requested Date (this is the date the location needs the product).
  • Request # – Enter a number by which to search.
  • Requesting Location and/or Requested Warehouse – Choose Select to filter by one or more locations.
  • Status – Choose from the drop-down to filter by Product Request status.
  • Products – Select Prod. Class to choose a Product Classification.
  • Apply – After filtering options are selected, choose Apply to populate the grid with the requests.
  • Load Set/Save Set – For frequently used filtering, select the desired filters and choose Save Set. Provide a name for the Save Set and either assign to a user ID or leave Unassigned if anyone may use. After the Save Set is created, choosing Load Set populates the pre-selected filters and automatically populates the grid.
  • Calculate Available To Deliver – This option defaults as unchecked and prevents the Available to Deliver calculation from being calculated unless enabled. This option is remembered with the Load Set/Save Set functionality for those wanting the Available to Deliver to be calculated every time.