Exporting Boundary Shapefiles

Create multiple shapefile boundaries for numerous customers at one time formatted and ready to import into SKY Mapping.

  1. In Agvance, go to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API / Mapping Interface
  2. Select the Export Folder icon from the Export Shapefiles section of the window and choose the folder where the exported shapefile boundaries will be saved. 
  3. When the Export Folder path is entered, select Create Shapefiles
  4. On the Select a Field window, choose a customer on the left. Use the Arrow icons to move Fields to the selection window. 
  5. Choose Done. The utility will process the request and a pop-up notification displays the number of shapefile boundaries created. 
  6. The file is saved at the Export Folder path selected in Step 4 and can now be imported into SKY Mapping. 
    • If the Export Folder created was c:\NewExport, the following folders will be created: 
      • c:\NewExport\CustomerID 
      • c:\NewExport\CustomerID\FarmID (This folder will contain the Field boundary files. The name of the file is the Field ID.)