Export Agvance Plans

This is often used to off-load data to media or a network location to be on-loaded to a laptop for an on-farm sales visit. If data will be manipulated by the salesperson, do not edit any of the same data on the main system until the salesperson on-loads the edited data. Otherwise the changes will be overwritten.

How to Export Precision Data

This export routine may be used to move data from one Agvance system to another. The Export Selection screen is divided into three sections, Plans, Fields, and Growers. Select the information to export for any of these three options. Verbal quotes are exported along with their corresponding growers. The Plan Selection screen is shown below.

  1. The export file is created in the Path selected.
  2. The other options allow filtering and selecting only the data to export. If selecting a given plan, it exports the necessary fields and growers to create those plans when the data is imported.

Note: After the export, the data is unchanged; this copies from the files without altering the data in any way.