Agvance Custom Report Export

Q.  Why does one Agvance report have different information than an Agvance Custom Export report?

A.  Because of the complexity of this area, limited support is offered. A message displays indicating the information being exported is raw data records. Voids, credits, and reversals are included in this raw data that may not be included in the report. Following is the comment displayed when this option is available:

I understand the following about the raw data available in the Custom Export:

  • Standard user/role security rules do not always apply
  • Some calculated fields on the printed report are not in this raw data
  • Customer sales quantity and dollars may not have Split % applied
  • Credits, voided, and reversed data records may be included in raw data
  • User is responsible to review and validate report results

Would you like to turn this option on?

Turning on this option makes the raw data used to generate a report available to further manipulate and optionally export.