Energy Preferences

Navigate to Energy / Setup / Preferences.

  • Tank Default Product – Double-click and select the fuel product to default when entering new tanks.
  • Equal Billing Product – Select the default Budget Billing product for new tanks.
  • Post FC/Late Fee Product – The product used on the Invoice when the Post FC / Late Fees – Memo Invoices feature is used.
  • Budget GL Receivable Setup – Set the Budget Billing Receivable general ledger account for each location. If a tank is set to Budget Billing and an Energy Ticket is imported, the program automatically posts the payment to this account.
  • K Factor Update Tolerance % – A K-Factor is set on a Scheduled Delivery tank. As deliveries are made and heating degree days are entered, the program calculates the K-Factor. If the discrepancy is more than this percentage, it shows on the Exception Report.
  • Email Billing Comments – When selected, the tank’s Billing Comments is added to emails or text messages sent to the drivers for Product Delivery Orders.
  • Email Lat Lon – This determines if Lat/Lon is included in emails for Product Delivery Orders and the format used. Choose to calculate latitude/longitude in Decimal Degrees or in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds. If this is set to None and a Delivery Order or Work Order is emailed, no Lat/Lon is included in the message.
  • Budget Inv Pay Method – Select the Budget Billing Pay Method from the methods set up at Accounting / Setup / A/R / Pay Methods. This method is used for the payments made against Budget Billing Memo Invoices.
  • Delivery Printout Format – Choose to print one or two Delivery Orders per page.
  • Monitor Reading Tolerance – Indicate how many days before a monitor reading is considered stale. Tank monitor readings older than the number of days entered here will not display. Tank monitors no longer displaying indicate the readings are not being sent to Agvance. Reach out to your tank monitor provider for assistance.
    • Monitor readings within the tolerance display and can be used for Product Delivery Order amount needed calculations.
    • Monitor readings within the tolerance display in the Print Delivery Orders grid and can be used for calculating tanks with less than the desired % full.
  • Use Energy Force Tank RRN Attribute when posting API Tank Readings – When enabled, the API will use the TankNumber property to search the Tank RRN # Attribute specified in the Setup Energy Force window to determine the Tank to update. When this option is NOT enabled (the default), the property will continue to search the Tank serial number in the Agvance database.
  • Tank Classifications – Classifications were created to take the place of the user-defined options on the tank file. An unlimited number of classifications may be added.
  • Tank Attributes – Attributes were created to take the place of the user-defined text on the tank file. An unlimited number of tank attributes may be added. Additionally, Values can be set on the Attributes by selecting Setup Values. When setting the Value on an Attribute, it will be required to pick from a specific Attribute value already in the drop-down.