Energy Dispatch Jobs


Jobs are defined as Product Delivery Orders or Maintenance Work Orders entered through the Energy module.

Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders show up in the Energy Work Orders window. The tickets that show in the work order window are filtered using the criteria selections at the bottom of the window.

If a customer has a valid tank monitor percentage, that percentage is available in the grid once filters are applied in the Monitor % column.

Current Status

This filtering area allows the selection of a set of job statuses to be shown in the grid.

Color of Jobs in Grid

Geo-referencing allows the jobs listed in the Energy Work Orders window to be displayed on a map for easier scheduling. The color of the job in the grid indicates the source from which the geo-referencing is compiled.

  • Black – Black indicates the job is geo-referenced using the lat/lon in the tank file.
  • Blue – Blue indicates the job is geo-referenced using the lat/lon assigned to the customer address.
  • Red – Red indicates the job is not geo-referenced.


Dispatch displays Product Delivery Orders and/or Maintenance Work Orders. Tickets may be filtered by the following statuses using the drop-down:

  • Not Processed – These are undelivered and delivered tickets not yet invoiced.
  • Processed – These are completed tickets which have been invoiced.