Dispatch for Energy


Dispatch for Energy allows the dispatch of Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders created from the Energy module. This gives the dispatcher the ability to send orders to the driver in the most efficient sequence, track the drivers' locations, as well as providing turn by turn directions for each stop. 


The Energy Work Orders window is found at Dispatch / Workorder/Scheduling / Energy. All Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders are displayed in the grid. 

The grid can be filtered by DriverTank TypeRegionRoute, or Maintenance Category, as well as by Ticket TypeDate RangeCurrent StatusLocation, and Out of Gas

Selecting the necessary Work Orders in the grid and then selecting the Route Selected button will map out a route for the driver. Turn-by-turn directions will also be given for each location.

Selecting the Plot Selected button simply displays each selected location on the map. 

Drivers who have the ability to sync while on their routes can continue to pull new orders in as they are dispatched throughout the day, as well as communicate the status of the jobs back to the dispatcher. This lets the dispatcher know when Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders are in process and when they are completed.