Energy Dispatch Setup



Setting up Energy Dispatch Priorities

Priorities may be assigned to Product Delivery Orders and Maintenance Work Orders on the General tab of the Energy Work Orders grid. The priorities may be given specific names to be more meaningful to the users. This setup is found on the Multi API Energy Work Order Setup window. Enter text into the field that corresponds with each priority number. Select Save when finished.

Set Grid / Map Settings

The font size in the Energy Work Orders grid may be adjusted to accommodate various sized computer monitors. On the General tab of the Multi API Energy Work Order Setup window, use the Set grid font size field to enter a numeric font size. Select Save to apply this font size to the grid.

The Plot Locations option plots the company locations on the map if the locations are geo-coded in the Agvance database.

Sync Devices

Select Sync Device Timer if the Energy tickets with a Ready status should automatically sync to the device specified on the job. Enter the Interval in seconds for this automatic sync to occur.

With the Sync all jobs for the selected driver(s) option selected, the sync process syncs selected jobs and also automatically looks for other jobs assigned to the same drivers and syncs those as well.

Fill Spots

Depot fill spots may be added, edited, or deleted from the Fill Spots window. Select Add Fill Spot to add a line to the grid. Enter the ID, Name, and address information to the line in the grid. Optionally, select Map to display a map, then right-click on the desired location on the map to place a location. Select OK to populate the Lat and Lon on the Fill Spot line in the grid. Once information has been verified, select Save.


nullDevices used to communicate Energy job information to drivers are set on the Devices tab which allows tracking these devices using Live Map. Select Add Row to add a row where information is then entered. Enter a Device ID, which is the device phone number, and then optionally assign an Application ID and/or Vehicle ID. A color may be selected for the device as well as a text color selection. If selected, these colors display for the device on the Live Map. A User ID and Image may also be assigned to the device. The View Device option must be selected for the device be show on the Live Map. If a Device Alias is entered, it displays on the Live Map instead of displaying the Device ID. Select Android or iOS as the Device Type.