End of Year FAQs

Q: Should I delete products / customers / vendors before or after ending the year?

A: If you are not paying Patronage, they may be deleted after ending the year. This allows the old data to retain these data elements in case they need to be referred to later. If customers or products have had invoices or delivery tickets in the past, they can be marked as inactive instead of deleting them. 

Q: Do I need to void purchase receipts that will not be processed before ending year?

A: It is not necessary to void and re-enter purchase receipts in Agvance. Unprocessed purchase receipts will flow through to the new year and can be invoiced in the new year.

Q: Which do I run first – EOY or EOY payroll?

A: Order does not matter, but make sure all payroll checks for current year are posted before ending payroll year.
Note: The expense for payroll checks posted after running EOY will post into Fiscal Month 1 of the next year.

Q: How do I verify the end of year actually happened? 

A: Check fiscal month on status bar. Check journal entries – only future journal entries should be in the list box. If you do not use future journal entries or post transactions to ‘Next Month’ then there should be no journal entries in the current year.

Q: I have ended payroll year and changed my tax tables, can a payroll be run before ending fiscal year/month?

A: Yes, but do not post payroll to the general ledger until after the year has been ended.

Q: I forgot to end payroll year and have entered a payroll for the new year. How do I fix the totals?

A: Follow the steps below to fix the totals: 

  1. Void the payroll checks for the new year
  2. End payroll year
  3. Change tax tables (if not already done)
  4. Re-enter the new year payroll checks

Q: When and how do I zero out non-inventory product balances?

A: End the Year – this will archive the #s in prior year. Make an inventory adjustment to adjust the amount to 0.

Q: I am getting ready to end the year but the year is incorrect on the EOY screen.

A: The default year in the end of year window comes from the system date;  therefore, if your fiscal year mirrors the calendar year, and the year is ended after Jan 1st,  the incorrect year will default. Change the year by using the drop-down menu to scroll to and select the correct year.

Q: I am getting message that database already exists

A: Is the default year in the EOY window correct? It is possible that the prior year may have been saved incorrectly.  Call SSI Support for help in renaming datasets.

Q: Do unprocessed delivery/blend tickets carry over into new year?

A: All unprocessed tickets carry over into the new year and can be invoiced in the new year.

Q: Will unpaid bookings be available to be paid in the new year?

A: Yes, unpaid bookings are available to be paid and invoiced in the new year.