End of Payroll Month

The ending of the payroll month is separate from ending the fiscal month. This is to accommodate situations where the first payroll of a new month is due before the previous fiscal month is ended.

After running the last payroll of the month, it is recommended to run all the necessary reports before ending the payroll month. These might include Payroll Check Register, Employee Totals, FUTA/SUTA, and 941 reports. Although these reports can be run after ending the month, if errors are found while the month is open, corrections can be made by voiding and re-running the checks while still in that period.

Agvance will automatically end the payroll quarter as the months of March, June, and September are closed. It will close the year as the payroll month of December is ended. Before closing any of these special months, it is best to run quarterly reports and check them carefully so that any necessary adjustments can be made within the quarter.

Ending the payroll month clears each employee's month-to-date totals (and quarterly totals when ending March, June, and September) which can be verified by editing the employee and checking the Totals tab. Year-to-date totals are unaffected. The payroll checks file is unaffected by all month ends except December (when the paycheck detail is archived into a prior year dataset and then erased from the current year data). Many of the payroll reports can be run from either the employee totals or the paycheck file. This can be helpful if the payroll month is accidentally ended before running a necessary report. Sometimes the same information can be obtained by running on a date range or check number range instead of the employee totals.

If the wrong payroll month was ended, go to Accounting / End of Periods / Payroll, and end the proper month.

Note: If the month that was ended incorrectly was the end of a quarter, the totals on the State Earnings report for this quarter may be incorrect. Find the correct quarterly totals by running the Employee Ledger Card report with the Tax Withholding style selected for all the paychecks in that quarter.