Discount Program Reconciliation

Found at A/R / Manage Discount Programs / Program Reconciliation, the Program Reconciliation report can be used to quickly evaluate a customer’s account in regards to discount programs. It allows the customer account to be evaluated showing where the customer stands in regards to discounts earned versus discounts given. Optionally, pending products may be added to the report for forecasting discounts. This report may also be run while invoicing a customer to determine the program discount to apply to the Invoice in process.

This report is a useful tool at the end of the season to make sure all discounts were given.

  • Recon. Customer – Select the customers to be included in the reconciliation.
  • Select Programs – Select one or more of the established programs if the report should be limited to specific programs, or run the report for All programs.
  • Include Products – This is used to include pending (not yet sold or booked) products. Selecting items here would include the products and quantities entered in addition to booked and/or invoiced product for the report. When using this option, the number of selected customers is limited to eight.
  • Setup Disc. – Add new Discount Programs or edit existing programs including dates, discountable products, and discount amounts.
  • Include Additional Dataset – Prior year data may optionally be selected to include previous year information.
  • Sort By – Select the option by which the Program Reconciliation information should be sorted.
  • Include – Select the information to be included on the report. Choose from Invoices, Prepaid Bookings, Non-Prepaid Bookings, or any combination of the three. Additionally, options are available to include Plans which can be useful when forecasting discounts. Select No Plans, Approved Plans, Not Approved Plans or All Plans.
  • Comments – Comments typed in this area print at the bottom of the Reconciliation report.
  • Load Set/Save Set – Screen options for this function may be saved by using Save Set and then later can be retrieved by using Load Set.

The Program Discount Reconciliation is divided into two sections:

  • Activity – This displays all previously entered Invoices and Bookings based on the Discount Programs selected at the Criteria screen for this report. It also displays the pending activity for products entered by selecting Include Products at the Criteria screen.
  • Discounts – This section displays the activity associated with the individual program discounts being reconciled. It then calculates any remaining discount owed to or from the Customer. A positive number indicates the discount should be given to the Customer. A negative number can happen when too much discount has been given to the Customer, such as discount given on product, and then the product was returned.