Customer Account Details

Within Agvance Grain is the Customer Account Details area which allows access to a variety of customer account information. Optionally filter for Favorite Customers by selecting the checkbox. This area is accessed by selecting the File Browser icon. Within the Customer Account Details area, look up phone numbers, fax numbers, and other contact information. Access summary information of customer account balances for each commodity at each location with the option to print a report that displays the customer’s account summary information. The account summary information includes a Purchase Contract Status report with open/new crop contract information and balances. This report can be printed periodically and mailed to customers.

Open and/or closed Assembly Sheets are also available and the Scale Tickets that have been applied to those Assemblies and can also edit certain information on those Assembly Sheets and Scale Tickets.

Access is also provided to open, new crop, and closed Purchase Contracts.  Edit information on Purchase Contracts and filter to assist in the search for specific contracts. Additionally, view and edit a customer’s settlement information.