Company Information

The Company Information screen at Hub / Setup / Company is used for report headings to identify the company. This password-protected area is set up based on the company information supplied on the software order form. If for any reason it needs changed, call SSI to gain access to this screen.

  • Name – Enter the name of the company.
  • Address/City/State/Zip/Phone/Fax – Enter the appropriate information for the company.
  • Emergency Phones – These telephone numbers print on the Hazardous Material Shipping Order. The field length is 40 characters so a name can be supplied along with the telephone number.
  • Retailer IC Code – Enter appropriate information for the company.
  • Background color – This controls the background color displayed. Choosing the colored box displays a color palette to select the background color. Custom colors may also be defined by selecting Define Custom Colors. This feature is most commonly used to quickly and easily differentiate between data sets.
  • DUNS # – Optionally enter the DUNS number. This is informational only.
  • F.E.I. # – Federal Employment Identification number used for W-2 printing should be entered here.
  • Remit Addresses – Remittance addresses may be established at the company level here, printing on invoices based on the zip code of the Bill To or Ship To address on the Invoice. In order for this remittance address to print on the Invoice, mark the Print Remit To Address on Invoices checkbox. A Remit Address may also be set on each location. If the location remittance address is to print on the invoices, then no remittance address is necessary at the company level.