When using Quick Tickets, a cashier sign in may be required. If utilizing the cashier sign in, establish the cashiers at Accounting / Setup / A/R / Cashiers.

  • Cashier ID – Enter an ID for the cashier. Up to 15 characters may be used for this ID. This Cashier ID displays at the top of the Quick Ticket window and also displays at the Manage Quick Tickets window in the Quick Ticket grid.
  • First Name – Enter the cashier’s first name.
  • Last Name – Enter the cashier’s last name.
  • Active – Select this option for active cashiers. If a cashier is inactive, the Pin Number for an inactive cashier is not a valid entry.
  • Pin Number – Enter a personal identification number for the cashier. This PIN can be up to 4 digits in length and must be numbers. No letters or special characters are allowed. It must also be unique for all cashiers. This is the PIN the cashier keys to begin entering Quick Ticket transactions.


When multiple users access a single machine, cashiers can be easily identified by requiring a PIN number before opening and entering Quick Tickets. This optional feature is helpful when reconciling a register at the end of the day or when specific questions about a transaction arise. 

Select the Require a cashier on the quick ticket option at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences

When selected, a cashier will be required to input the required Pin Number before opening and entering a Quick Ticket. 

The Timeout (in minutes) drop-down becomes enabled when the Require a cashier on the quick ticket option is selected. When a time is selected from the Timeout preference and a cashier becomes inactive for the length of the established time, a PIN is required to continue on the Quick Ticket. If a transaction was in process, it will be available upon entering a PIN. 

Enter the Pin Number, and select the Sign in button. The Cashier may now enter the Quick Ticket.  

On the Accounting / A/R / Manage Quick Tickets screen, a Cashier ID column is available in the grid to view the Cashier who entered the Quick Ticket. The ability to filter by Cashier ID is also available on the Manage Quick Tickets window.