Liquid Fertilizer Carrier in Chemical Blend Tickets

Q.  How can carrier products, with the exception of water, be adjusted to total gallons per acre while keeping the other products static? 

A.  When the Product Set Type is set to Liquid, Suspension, or Other on the Add or Edit a Product Blend Set window, products can be marked as carriers per blend and adjusted to gallons per acre on the Blend Ticket.

When adding a Blend Ticket, select a liquid Product Set. In this scenario, the Product Set selected is Chemical.  

On the Products tab, select the products to be used for the chemical program. Input the rate per acre for all products, except for those that will be selected as a carrier.

Select the checkbox in the Carrier column for 28-0-0. Choose Adjust Carrier to Gal/Acre from the dropdown selection in the lower left corner. In the textbox below this, input the gallons of solution to be applied per acre.

Note: The Carrier column defaults to the furthest right column on the Products tab.

The gallons per acre of the carrier product will be calculated to keep the blend at the desired gallons per acre. In this example, 30 gallons per acre is used.