Installation Instructions for Cognitive Advantage DLXi Blaster printer


How do I install the Cognitive Advantage DLXi Blaster Printer? 


  1. Remove any Cognitive printers already installed
  2. Add a folder called ‘Cognitive Drivers’ to c:\program files (x86)\ 
  3. Download the Blaster printer drivers from Extract all the Blaster printer drivers in to the Cognitive Drivers folder 
  4. Plug in USB cable to the computer. 
  5. Install the blaster printer by running PrnInst.exe in the CseriesDLX_V4.6.32_1200487A_64bit folder.  
    1. Choose Cognitive DLX 4 inch DT
    2. Click Next
    3. Choose USB port
    4. Click Finish
  6. Right click on the Cognitive DLX 4 inch DT printer and set it as the default printer 
  7. Right click on the Cognitive DLX 4 inch DT printer and select Printing Preferences.  
    1. Set the following dimensions on the options tab:
      • Size - Width: 4 inches
      • Size - Height: 6.75 inches
      • Unprintable Area - Left: 0.55
    2. Click on the Advanced Setup tab and set the Sensor Type to Black Bar
  8. Index the printer
    1. Turn the power off
    2. Wait for the lights to go dark
    3. Turn the power back on
    4. Wait for the Ready light to turn green
    5. Press the feed button. The paper should index to the next black bar.
  9. Calibrate the printer
    1. Go to Printing Preferences/Advanced Setup/More Settings
    2. Click on the Calibrate button. The green Ready light will flash off and on. Calibration is complete when the Ready light returns a solid green.
    3. Press the feed button to index the printer.
    4. Turn the printer Off and then On again
    5. Print a test page for a reference and to make sur it is stopping at the perforation.
  10. Key in custom command text (if the printer stops on the perforation and you would like to advance it for ease of use) (If the printer stops at an acceptable spot, skip to step J)
    1. Go to Printing Preferences/Customer Commands tab
    2. Change the Position to Page (data)
    3. Change the End to Text
    4. Click on the ellipsis button
    5. Type in the following:
      ! 0 0 0 0   (these are zeroes and there are spaces between each character) INDEX 
      ! 0 0 0 0 
      END (Use all capital letters where shown. Do not press Enter after END) 
    6. Click OK on the Customer Command Text
    7. Click Apply then OK
    8. Go back to the Cognitive DLX 4 inch DT printer in Devices and Printers and print one test page
    9. Examine where the ticket stopped. If you wish to advance it further go back to the Custom Command tab and change the value after Variable Position to a smaller number, click okay, click Apply and print another test page.

      The value after the VARIABLE POSITION command is cumulative each time you print. If you advance it 400 (.4 inches) and print another page it will be set at 800 (.8 inches). To move the indexing spot back towards the perforation, use a negative number (example -100).

    10. When the position is acceptable
      • Go to Preferences\Custom Commands
      • Change the position to Page (data)
      • Change the End to Text
      • Click the ellipsis button
      • Delete everything and enter:
        ! 0 0 0
    11. Click okay, Click Apply
    12. Turn the printer Off and back On and press the Feed button to index

  1. Right click the Cognitive DLX 4  inch DT printer and select Printer Properties. Click on the Print a Text Page button.
  2. It has been found in testing that the printer may need to be disabled or enabled to print if the default printer changes after the Blaster printer.