Background Imagery

Q.  The imagery in Agvance Mapping is not working or has not been setup. 

A.  There are two options for background imagery. 

Option One (Recommended)

Background imagery can be setup either on the Mapping / SSI / Mapping Preferences window or the Hub / Setup / Mapping Preferences window by selecting the Use Bing options for Bing Roads data and Bing Imagery. If the Use Bing option is selected for the Background Road Folder, the Use Bing option for the Background Image Folder will automatically be selected.

Option Two

Note: This can be used when there is no live internet connection, or there is an internet connection that will not support Bing Imagery on the Mapping machine.

A NAIP Imagery option is available. For more information on NAIP Imagery, review the Download NAIP Imagery Answer.

Note:  If imagery is setup, but the background is not visible, the selected customer may not have a georeferenced point or boundary for Mapping to reference. In order to find imagery to draw a boundary or look for a field, use the Zoom To feature under the View menu. This tool has options to Zoom To County, Lon/Lat, Section, or Township.

If imagery is set up and the boundary of the field is visible, but the background imagery is not, the Background imagery may be turned off on the Mapping tool bar.

When this option is selected, background imagery should be visible.