Mapping Preferences

To set up preferences in Agvance Mapping, go to Mapping / SSI / Mapping Preferences.

  • Grower Name Display – Select the company’s preference from the drop-down menu to display the grower name by either Last Name First or First Name First.
  • Background Road/Image Folders – The Background Road and Background Image folders usually remain empty unless requesting imagery to be custom installed. 
    • BING imagery is recommended. Select the Use BING Imagery options for both the Image and Road folders. 
    • NAIP imagery can be used if preferred or if connectivity is an issue. Directions to Download NAIP Imagery are available here
  • Lime Rating Units/Manure Rating Units – Set units to meet company or grower specific requirements and select the appropriate rating unit for each from the drop-down menu. 
  • Special Mapping Instructions – Display special mapping instructions appearing on-screen only (cannot be printed on the map). Optionally set instructions for a specific location or grower. 
  • Select Logo – Choosing Select Logo opens a second window. Indicate Where to Save and the Logo Path. Choose View Current to see a preview of the logo. 
    • Store a single logo at the Company level to display on all reports. Add additional logos for a specific grower, location, or territory. If a logo is not indicated, the logo space on the report is blank. 
    • The size of the image automatically adjusts to fit the space provided. No minimum/maximum resolution or pixel specifications are required. 
  • Look and Feel – Set the Look and Feel of the Mapping window by going to File / Preferences / Application Skin. To view various skin options, set the Style to Skins and choose a Skin Name from the drop-down. The window appearance automatically changes to display the selections. Once finding a preferred Style, select OK to save.
    Note: Changing the Skin preference is a user-specific setting only affecting the Mapping module. 
  • Window Docking – Dock windows on the Mapping screen to be visible at all times or tab the window to allow for more room in the Mapping pane. 
    • To dock a window to the Mapping pane, select and drag the pointer/title bar of the window to dock to a different location on the screen until small directional boxes appear. 
    • Move the pointer/title bar to one of these directional boxes. The shaded area displays the location where the window will be placed. 
  • Tabbed Windows – Select the Thumb Tack symbol to pin/unpin the Mapping pane. To view the window again, hover over the tab.