7.0.25270 | 04.02.2024



  • FTM-3433 / New Location Preference – A new option (Stop Voids that will result in Negative Amount On Hand of Inventoried Products) for voids of transactions to stop the inventory from going negative for A/R Invoices and Purchase Receipts is available at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences.


  • FTM-3695 / PMR Export Ship To – In the new PMR export at Accounting / Transfers / Export the PartnerIdentifier Agency attribute in the Ship To section has been corrected to AssignedByBuyer.


  • FTM-3034 / Crop Zones – Those using a version of SKY Mapping will now have the ability to import the Crop, Crop Chemistry, Acres, and Application Boundary from SKY Mapping for Fields linked to that database. If the Field is not linked, it will continue to use the Agvance Mapping selection of Crop Zones.


  • FTM-3637 / Android Devices – The carrot to allow navigation to the next screen showing the Requested Quantity and Lot information is now available on the Outbound window for Android devices.