7.0.25370 | 04.16.2024

  • FTM-3731 / Region and Sub-Region – The Current Region and Sub-Region options automatically default to checked where available.



  • FTM-3755 / PMR Export – When the new PMR export is turned on at Accounting / Transfers / Export / PMR, the existing export at Accounting / Transfers / Export / Agrimine will be disabled.
  • FTM-3756 / PMR Export Invoice Limit – The number of Invoices included in a single upload to the web service is now limited to 100.



  • FTM-3691 / MOT on Sales Contract Migration – When migrating a Sales Contract at Grain / Operations / Sales Contracts, an option is now available to select a new MOT for the new contract. The default will be what is currently on the existing Sales Contract. The option to require this MOT will also be honored during the migration.

Grain Reports

  • FTM-3264 / Grain Reports Sorting – The Grain Balance Detail report found at Grain / Grain Reports / Customer Analysis and by selecting Print on the Grain Balances tab at File / Open / Customer Account Details will now sort the Purchase Contract and Obligation sections by Primary and Secondary Sorts and will include totals.