7.0.25080 | 03.05.2024


  • FTM-3508 / Product Selection – When selecting Products with the multi-select Product window, Departments with only inactive Products will be suppressed unless the filter to Show Inactive Products is chosen.


  • FTM-3657 / Import Sales Order into Delivery Ticket – When Sales Orders are imported into Delivery Tickets at Accounting / Inventory / Delivery Tickets, a new filter is available to indicate which Status to import. By default, this will be Approved but can be filtered for other statuses.


  • FTM-3596 / Business Influence Bookings – When a split Invoice is created for multiple Customers who are on the same Business Influence Booking, the quantity available on the Booking is updated as expected.


  • FTM-3256, 3642 / PMR Export – A new PMR option is available at Accounting / Transfers / Export / PMR. This export will send information by use of an API - not an FTP site. Additional information regarding this export can be found here.


  • FTM-3571 / Purchase Contract Signed – The ability to see if a Purchase Contract is signed has been added to the Purchase Contracts tab when viewing a Customer at File / Open / Customer Account Details.


  • FTM-3330 / Settlement Date – When reversing a Settlement at Grain / Operations / Settlements, the date can be changed and will be saved. This feature will default to today's date but can be changed.
    Note: This is available when selecting Reverse and Rev/Start.
  • FTM-3631 / Deleting a Purchase Contract – When attempting to delete a Purchase Contract that was used as the source of an Advance, the process will be stopped and a message will display explaining why it cannot be deleted.