7.0.22341 | 12.16.2022 General Release

– Key Highlight

  • FTM-2697 / Exclude LastImage Folder – A new database preference has been added to allow for the copying to the LastImage folder to be excluded as part of the backup process. This also causes the check for the last time an image was created to be changed to look in the AgvImage folder if this new preference is set and the user is set to view this warning at login. After the preference is turned on, any existing scheduled backups will need resaved in order to prevent the backups from being saved to the LastImage folder.


  • FTM-2514 / Crops and Crop Codes – Crops and Crop Codes now display in alphabetical order in the drop-down lists.
  • FTM-2509 / Default To Contains – Right-clicking the column headings on any selection windows now has the option to Default To Contains. After selecting this option, the next use of the filter row on that selection window will default the search to Contains rather than the default for that column.


  • FTM-2608 / Credit Card Payment Receipt – The Worldpay payment receipt now includes the transaction date and time.
  • FTM-2603 / Quick Ticket Payment Receipts – Quick Ticket payment receipts now include the required credit card information below the invoice. Transaction Time and Pin Verified information has been added.
  • FTM-2731 / Worldpay Receipts – Payment receipts from Worldpay now include new credit card information as required.


  • FTM-2136 / Purchase Order Weight – The Purchase Order screen now has a column displaying the Total Weight of the product and a grand Total Weight displays as information only to aid in calculating freight for the transaction.
  • FTM-1858 / ICT Freight – When creating an ICT, the freight will default in from imported Blend and Delivery Tickets when the per unit is the same for all source transactions or the total dollar amount is added together when the same freight vendor exists.
  • FTM-2464 / Select Existing Grower Order – A new option is available when editing a Dealer Order at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Dealer Order to select an existing Grower Order for the Long/Short values rather than always creating a new Grower Order.
  • FTM-2599 / Dealer and Grower Order Reconciliation – By default, Grower Orders tied to deleted Bookings will not display or be included in the calculations of the Grower or Dealer Order Reconciliation. A new option is available on both of these windows found at Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders to bring back those Grower Orders tied to deleted Bookings if needed. The Dealer Order Reconciliation will NOT allow the selection of the Grower Order tied to a deleted Booking when performing the actual reconcile step.
  • FTM-2501 / Product Request Direct Ship Info – Product Requests now include Direct Ship information.
  • FTM-2502 / Product Request Freight Info – Ship To and Freight information is now passed from the Product Request to a Purchase Order.
  • FTM-2503 / Product Request Hold Status – Direct Ship Product Request forms imported into a Purchase Order with the Location's product, will be marked as On Hold. Procurement and distribution staff now have the ability to move the Direct Ship Product Request form from On Hold to Completed.
  • FTM-2786 / Voiding Prepaid Purchase Orders – The Journal Entry created on the void of a prepaid Purchase Order that is backing out the dollars from the AP Bill will save as expected.
  • FTM-2616 / Purchase Order Email Address – The email address of the user who added the Purchase Order is included in the PO Export that can be created via the Print window of the PO when the Vendor is set as an Electronic type.
  • FTM-2565 / Delivery Confirmation Messages – Choosing Select PO Message then Get New PO Messages when adding a Purchase Order can now pull messages from one or all Locations set up with B2B. It will not be required to log into each location individually to perform this task.


  • FTM-1907 / Unprocessed Purchase Receipts Valuation – When valuing the inventory for Post Inventory to G/L, the Purchase Order will be used when it exists in the current year's database. If the PO does not exist and the option of Post Unprocessed Pur Rec's is set, the cost on the Purchase Receipt will be used as the cost of an input.

End of Periods

  • FTM-2536 / Vendor 1099 NEC Type – The 1099 Type drop-down on the 1099 / Payment Info tab of the Vendor profile now has NEC as an option.
  • FTM-2726 / NEC 1099 Type – Only Vendors who are set up as NEC will now be included in the new NEC 1099 Type at Accounting / End of Periods / Print EOY Tax Forms / 1099's which creates the separate file when exporting explicitly for this 1099 type. Miscellaneous Vendors will no longer be written to the NEC file but will be part of the Rent/Misc/Gross files.
  • FTM-2739 / Mag-Filer 2022 – Mag-Filer 2022 is available at Accounting / End of Periods / Print EOY Tax Forms / Setup. A new activation code is required from SSI.
  • FTM-2735 / T5 Canadian Tax Form – When creating the Canadian tax document T5 on the T5 tab at Accounting / End of Periods / Print EOY Tax Forms / Canadian Tax Forms, there is now an option to report using the Dividend Eligible option which creates records in a different node for the XML created showing the taxable amount as eligible. The labels on the percentages display the values that will be used when the new option is selected. This option is also remembered from previous use as well.
    Note: A patron marked as a corporation will NOT have any values included in Box 24 and 25.


  • FTM-2635 / Import Delivery Ticket to Invoice – A new preference was added to enforce the use of a single return type Delivery Ticket on a given Invoice to allow for reporting of these returns. Select the Only one ticket allowed when a return DT is imported option at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab to ensure returns are completely by themselves as a single ticket.


  • FTM-2617 / Product Availability Utility – Columns for the Loc ID and Dept have been added the Product Availability utility in Accounting to display the Location and Department. These columns are available in the bottom right grid upon selecting Calc Avail for Sale or Calc Pending Usage.


  • FTM-2484 / Meppel Export – A new option has been added to Include Tech License for the flat file created from the Meppel export at Accounting / Transfers / Export / EDI Sales / Meppel - DE. The license number has been added to the end of each detail line.

Accounting Reports

  • FTM-2466 / Retain Data for Analytics – A new option to Retain Data for Analytics has been added to the Checkup Reports in Accounting Reports. This will allow the checkup data to display on a future SKY Analytics dashboard.
  • FTM-2456 / Combo Statement Unit Price – The Combo Statement at Accounting / Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / A/R Status will display the unit price as expected when an Invoice is set to Roll Up Prices and Product Names and contains zero quantity line items.
  • FTM-2450 / Alt3 Combo Statement – Choose the new option to include the Net due if paid by on the Alt 3 Combo Statement by selecting Setup at Accounting / Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / A/R Status / Combo Statement. This will print in the statement header return label as well as the cover page.
  • FTM-2491, 2492 / Max Ave Daily Inventory Report – The Agrian Update has been modified to populate the new 20+ health hazards that now live on the product in replacement of the 5 that were previously populated. The PDF created from the report in Accounting Reports / Inventory - Maximum / Average Inventory Daily Report has been updated to include the required new Physical and Health hazards information.
  • FTM-2728 / 1099 Type – The AP 1099 Detail report at Accounting Reports / Accounts Payable / A/P Status now includes the ability to filter Vendors by the NEC type to those who have this value set on the 1099 / Payment Info tab of the Vendor profile.
  • FTM-2584 / Check Register – The Check Register (Tax Withholding style) at Accounting / Accounting Reports / Payroll / Payroll Status has values rounded as expected.
  • FTM-2574 / Customer Statement Link – When emailing by the company profile is set up in a database with the API DBID populated, Customer Statements will now be uploaded and sent as a link to the customer.


  • FTM-2537 / 1099 Box 6 – Patronage 1099 Box 6 values are now rounded to two decimal places when updating these values in the database.
  • FTM-1956 / Captured Totals – A new Export option has been added that includes a new Detail Report listing the values used for each of the options on the window to aid in researching total values.  

Motor Fuel

  • FTM-2463 / BOL # in EDI File - Nebraska – For selected schedules at Accounting / Motor Fuel / Reports / Nebraska, the BOL Number will come from the value entered on the line item on the MFT Details tab of the Invoice rather than the Invoice number when populated.
  • FTM-2318 / Preview Purchases – The Sales Tax Paid column at Motor Fuel / Reports / Preview Purchases has been updated with a new name description of Motor Fuel Tax Paid.


  • FTM-2723 / State Fertilizer Tags – For the GA and AAPFCO State Fertilizer Tags, the Boron minimum analysis value is set as expected when determining the derived from values.


  • FTM-2418 / SKY Credentials – SKY Authentication can now be used when logging in which will allow MFA to be utilized as well as using the same login for Contain that is used for SKY.


See here for a comprehensive article of changes taking place within CRM.

  • FTM-2579 / Email Staged – When contacts are set up as Email Staged, the new sending of Cloud Document links will replace the attachment of PDFs. During the add of Combo Statements, Budget Billing Statements, and Sales Invoices, transactions will be added to the Staged area in the CRM Control Panel. If an edit of any of these transactions or reprint of statements occurs while records are still in the Staged area, the links will be updated to the most recent values. Any email recipients who are not part of the current customer profile on these edits will have the staged emails removed.

    If the records are not there for the edit of an Invoice, no new staged record will be created. This includes Reprint and the Invoice being paid from Accounting. An Invoice being voided will create a new record in the Staged area if none are currently in the queue or will delete records from the queue if they exist. The ability still exists to select which customers and recipients to send emails to from the Control Panel. Each individual recipient will receive only ONE email with all links included. Records can still be deleted by selecting the row and pressing Delete on the keyboard.

    These new transactions will display <Link> as the File Name in the Control Panel.

  • FTM-2607 / Sending Links for A/R Invoices – When adding an Invoice where the customer contact information is set as Email Direct, all transactions will be sent immediately upon saving that transaction. If this Invoice is added by a bulk import, it will be added to a cloud document queue and will be processed in the order they were added by all users running the Hub. Voids of Invoices will be sent immediately to the current customer email recipients. Edits of Invoices will never be sent an updated link. These edits are the Edit and Save from A/R in Accounting, Reprints, and taking a Payment on this Invoice.
  • FTM-2573 / Link for Regular Customer Statement – The Send to Grower360 option has been added to the standard A/R Statements. These Statements can be run across linked databases using the same setup as the Combo Statements. If the full Email Host information is set up, a link will be sent for all direct uploads of the Statements and customers set to Staged will get records placed in the queue to send at a later time.



  • FTM-2478 / Budget Bill Invoices – Budget Billing Invoices can now be reversed at Accounting / A/R / Invoices and will create an offsetting entry opening up the Product Delivery Order at Energy / Operations / Product Delivery Order to be invoiced again.


  • FTM-2210 / Budget Billing GL Account Setup – Only active locations will be displayed at the Setup / Preferences window for the Budget GL Receivable Setup selection.


  • FTM-2545 / Default Due Date – When a tank has defined terms and the preference is to calculate the due date from those terms, the correct due date for each split populates based on the terms specified on the tank as expected.
  • FTM-2546 / Void/Rebill – A new preference is available at Setup / Mobile Energy on the Setup / General tab called Allow metered product to be replaced on a Void/Rebill. If this preference is checked and synced to AME and a metered product is selected during the Void/Rebill, a message will display to confirm moving the quantity to the new product. After the product is added to the grid, if Apply Addons is selected, the add on products will only get added for the new product. Any metered products with 0 quantity will be skipped.
  • FTM-2577 / Void/Rebill – The Salesman, Terms, Payment button, and Extra Charges button are enabled during the void/rebill process in AME.

Energy Force

  • FTM-2676, 2677 / Energy Force Customer ID – A new field is available at Setup / Energy Force to indicate the EF Cust ID Attribute. Double-click in this field to select the appropriate Attribute and the value will display on the customer profile. The Energy Force ID is also available on Customer Selection windows.


  • FTM-2507 / Favorite Customers – The Select Customer window, found by going to File / Open / Customer Account Details or selecting the File Folder icon, now has the Favorite Customers option to filter customers in the list to those chosen as favorite customers.


  • FTM-2391 / Non-Contract Disposition by Customer – A new disposition selection was added when adding or editing an Assembly on the Scale Interface Non-Contract DPR Override tab for STLM that will default the non-contract entry when rules are executed before going to a company standard value. Assembly overrides are checked first, then customer, and finally the company global setting.
  • FTM-1202 / User ID and User Name Columns – The Add/Edit and Single Select Settlement windows now display the User ID and User Name (if the ID is still valid) of who added the Settlement.
  • FTM-2634 / Canadian Storage Receipt – For those using STLM, the Canadian Storage Receipt can now be printed for open storage and grain bank settlements at Grain / Operations / Settlements.


  • FTM-2487 / Futures Month Pricing Grid Filtering – Multi-select filters have been added to replace the single select of the Commodity, Location, Exchange, Bid Criteria, and Futures Month at Grain / Setup / Futures Month Pricing Grid.
  • FTM-2525 / New Contract Format – A new Deferred Payment contract format has been added that meets State of Iowa requirements. When printing a Deferred Payment Settlement, 6 Summarized and See Attached with Pricing is available in the Src drop-down. This format is the same as format 5 with the addition of the Price Per Unit on the TOTAL GROSS AMOUNT line. The price will be displayed on the single page and multi-page format which is determined by the contract format setup.
    Note: A Settlements to Deferred Payment Contract Format Type must first be set up on the General tab at Grain / Setup / Preferences before this option can be used.
  • FTM-2680 / Import TSV – A new import option is available at Grain / Setup / Futures Month/Pricing to import a TSV file. Editing an existing record only updates the Basis Price where adding will assign all values populated. Criteria for the TSV file can be found here.


  • FTM-2672 / EDI Export – The Contract number in the EDI export at Grain / Transfers / Export / EDI - Examhand will no longer be converted to a number and will allow up to 20 characters from the Purchase Contract identifier.

Grain Reports

  • FTM-2488 / Purchase Contract Status Report – A new option has been added to Include Futures Month on the Purchase Contract Status report found at Grain / Grain Reports / Purchase Contracts.
  • FTM-2291 / Futures/Options Report – The font has been adjusted on the Futures/Options Contracts report so all text displays as expected.


  • FTM-1303 / Customer Name - Farms – The Customer name is now part of the Splits grid when adding/editing a Farm in the Hub.
  • FTM-2570 / SKY Login Preference – A new preference called Require SKY login for Apps has been added at Agvance / Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the API tab to allow a company to determine if the Agvance apps must use the SKY login.


  • FTM-2575 / EOM/Play Datasets – When sending CRM statements from an EOM/ play data, make sure to create the play dataset and uncheck the Remove Email Addresses option to retain the email information. 
  • FTM-2833 / Remove Email Addresses – When using the option to Remove Email Addresses at Hub / Utilities / Create/Refresh Play Data, ONLY the Statement and Budget Billing Statement email addresses will be retained. All other email addresses will be cleared out.


  • FTM-2417 / Sales Order Mark as Processed – Adding a Grower Order where a Sales Order has been used to add products will now mark that Sales Order as Processed upon saving the Grower Order.


  • FTM-2364 / Quantity Less than Zero – When quantities of less than 1 are entered, the values display as expected.
  • FTM-2062 / SKY Credentials – SKY Authentication can now be used when logging in which will allow MFA to be utilized as well as using the same login for Warehouse that is used for SKY.
  • FTM-2471 / Cost Restrictions – The new Location level cost restrictions have been implemented so users can see the cost only for Locations they have permissions to do so. This is set up by going to the Agvance Apps tab for necessary Users at Hub / Setup / Users. The Warehouse app must be updated to the 1.6.5 version for this to be available.