7.0.23400 | 05.31.2023 General Release

– Key Highlight



  • FTM-2767 / AR Invoice Grain Shipment Settlement Number – A new column has been added at A/R / Invoice to display the Shipment Settlement Number. If an Invoice was made resulting in multiple Shipment Settlement numbers, only the first number will be displayed for reference.
  • FTM-2857 / AR Combo Statement – When a blank Due Date exists for an Invoice, the Combo Statement works as expected and no longer tries to use that date for the calculation of what is due for the current statement date.
  • FTM-1979 / Multi Salesperson – Multiple Salespeople are able to be selected on a customer's profile. For detailed information, please see here.
  • FTM-2959 / Invoices via CRM – When printing Invoices, there is a new option giving the ability to print only the Invoice documents where the customer on the split is NOT set up to receive the invoice link by email upon saving the transaction. This requires that the database be set up with the full mail host information for emailing links of Invoices at the time of saving.
  • FTM-2947 / ACH File - BMO Harris Bank – A new option exists when creating the Standard ACH file to allow the use of the company's FEIN rather than the ABA Routing number. The dash is stripped out of this number from the company profile.
    Note: The ACH files created at Accounting / A/P / Pay Bills will continue to use the Immediate Origin Override preference when filled out.
  • FTM-3206 / Batch Print Invoices – The Batch Print Invoices utility found at Accounting / A/R / Batch Print Invoices prints Invoices as expected when the Mail Host section and API Database ID are populated at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the General tab.
  •  FTM-3000 / Process Grain ACH – An option to Include Non-Grain Posted Priced Settlements has been added to the Grain Settlement ACH Data Management window at Accounting / A/R / Process Grain ACH. This option will include Priced Settlements with a Source of Deferred Payment or Installment Sale that have not been Grain posted in the ACH file when using the Deferred Payment Period preference at Grain / Setup / Preferences / Posting.


  • FTM-2806 / Editing AP Purchase Orders – When editing an AP PO, it is now possible to add or remove GL Accounts on a single row, add or edit Vehicles, and add additional detail rows.
    Note: The AP PO cannot be edited if it has been imported into an AP Bill or if it has been declined in the AP PO Approver process. If this AP PO meets the criteria for the approval process, any edits to it will start the process over again to have the AP PO approved.


  • FTM-2662 / Add Product to Requesting or Requested Warehouse – If saving a Product Request at Inventory / Product Request where the Product does not exist at the Requesting Location or Requested Warehouse, a prompt will display to add the product (if product sync rules are set up) or a message will display indicating the product does not exist (if product sync rules are not set up).
  • FTM-2619 / Additional Comments – Comments for Product Requests are now saved with a user and date/time stamp.
  • FTM-2613 / Delivery Ticket from Product Request – When creating Delivery Tickets from Product Requests, differing Requested By dates are allowed on the same Delivery Ticket. The oldest Requested By Date is used.
  • FTM-2618 / Product Request Email Setup – Rules and notification emails can now be set up at a company level by selecting Setup at Inventory / Product Requests to indicate which change in status of a Product Request will trigger the sending of an email to selected recipients. This will use the company From mail host and information set up at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences. The To list can be set up or modified at any time and those emails on the current Product Request form line will receive an email when those statuses change.
  • FTM-2751 / Purchase Order Bill To Address and Email – When the option to Include Bill To information on Style 1 PO printout on the Inventory Purchase tab at Setup / Preferences is selected this information will be included on the printout of the PO including the email address if populated.
  • FTM-2664 / Product Request Form Added By – A new column is available in the Edit grid of the Product Request called Added by User Name.
  • FTM-2872 / Direct Ship Purchase Order – A direct ship Purchase Order at Inventory / Purchase Orders now includes the selection of a federal and state/county permits to be used in the permit checking when the transaction is saved. This information is then passed onto the Delivery Ticket. These permits are from the customer selected for the direct shipment.
  • FTM-2888 / Grower Orders – An option to run reports is available at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Orders that will group open orders by Vendor and Location with an option to Exclude Zero Requested Quantity records. This report will give information including the product and requested quantity for each order detail line.
  • FTM-2889 / Grower Order Product Substitution – Two columns, Ordered Qty and Substituted Qty, were added to the Grower Order Product Substitution form at Accounting / Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order Product Substitution to give the ability to request only a partial substitution up to the original amount requested.
  • FTM-2620 / Product Request Form – Each Product Request item can now be assigned to a given user. This assignment will display in the grid. Items can be reassigned/unassigned as long as the row is locked.
  • FTM-2905 / Grower Order Product Substitution – A Product Position section has been added to the Grower Order Product Substitution window at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders that displays available Agv. Qty, Dealer Qty, and Long/Short information for the selected product being replaced. This information is pulled from the vendor's B2B portal.
  • FTM-3015 / Inter-Company Transfers Estimated Average Cost – When the same product is used on an Inter-Company Transfer and the products are set to Estimated Average for the cost level, the calculation for that cost now accounts for the change in the product inventory amount for each product.
  • FTM-3037 / Purchase Order Comments – Comments can now be saved for future use when adding Purchase Orders. Add new comments by double-clicking the Comments label. Once added, they will be available in the drop-down on the Purchase Order. Comments can still be manually typed in.


  • FTM-3140 / Shipment Settlements Journal Entry – When posting Shipment Settlements with one journal entry per Settlement, the customer name will be included in the Description column on the Checking Account Reconciliation window at G/L / Checkbook Reconciliation.
  • FTM-2771 / Shipment Advances Journal Entry – When posting Shipment Advances with one entry per Advance, the customer name will be included in the Description column on the Checking Account Reconciliation window at G/L / Checkbook Reconciliation.


  • FTM-2896 / United Benefits File Format – The United Benefits Payroll retirement plan export at Accounting / Payroll / Export Retirement Plan File has been updated to include a setup area for five new deduction categories. The column names of the CSV file were also updated to match the template provided.

End of Periods

  • FTM-2891 / Restart Document Numbering End of Prepay Season – User security has been added to the End of Prepay Season to restrict the ability to reset document counters. 
  • FTM-2898 / Bookings - End Prepay SeasonUnsigned Bookings Only is a new option available at End of Periods / Prepay Season to only delete Bookings not marked as signed by the customer.


  • FTM-2870 / Positive Pay File – Positive Pay will display the correct customer and check information for Grain checks as expected.
  • FTM-2895 / Positive PayFormat 19 was added as a File Type option for BMO Harris Bank at Transfers / Export / Positive Pay.


  • FTM-2958 / Booking Mass Creation – A new Booking mass creation tool has been added at Accounting / Utilities / Booking Offers. This tool gives the ability to set up Bookings for Energy products not set up as Budget Billing Tanks or to select a product from inventory to create entries. The Load Set/Save Set capabilities are available and remember the values in the grid. This can be exported to an external file to create contracts so offers can be distributed. Upon being accepted, the Load Set can be used to recall information and create a Booking from selected lines.


  • FTM-2663 / Purchase Order Location – A company-wide preference is now available on the Inventory Purchase tab at Accounting / Setup / Preferences to notify when the product on the Purchase Order does not match the global location. 

Accounting Reports

  • FTM-2890 / IN RUP Report – The Applicator Name and License Number of the applicator on the first row of the Additional Information for the selected Invoice will be included for those Invoices flagged as Custom Applied when running the Indiana Restricted Use Pesticide report at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • FTM-3022 / Combo Statement Alt 3 Alternate Shading – The Alt 3 style of the AR Combo Statement can now have alternate shading applied to the details of the statement.

Motor Fuel

  • FTM-2717 / Arkansas EDI – Arkansas EDI reporting is now available in the Motor Fuel module.
  • FTM-3053 / Nebraska EDI File – When a Purchase Receipt has a BOL number, that will be the transaction identifier used in the Nebraska EDI file created. When the BOL number is not populated, it will continue to use the Purchase Receipt number.


  • FTM-2830 / Printing the Map – Printing the map from PinPoint works as expected.



  • FTM-3018 / Custom App Sheet – Two new options are available at Setup / Location Preferences / Custom App Sheet - Next 24Hr Forecast Temp and Next 24Hr Forecast Precip. These values will transfer to field history and will print on the regulatory version of the Custom Application document.


  • FTM-2750 / Send Invoices as PDFs – A new preference is available when editing a customer on the CRM / Document Auto Delivery tabs giving the ability to include transactions as PDFs rather than only a link when sending Invoices via CRM.
  • FTM-3008 / Identify Emailed Links – When direct emailing links of Invoices, Statements, and Budget Billing Statements, the application will now write a record in the same place the staged emails are saved to give the ability to use the Document History feature of CRM and see what transactions have been sent.



  • FTM-2846 / Budget Billing Bookings – The Create Booking utility in Energy at Utilities / Update Budgets/Create Bookings now has the option to enter five date ranges and use three of those to calculate the quantity and Heating Degree Days for the capture grid. The Current and Prior Year areas have been replaced with this grid to give the ability enter the Start Date and End Date as well as the option to Include the record.
  • FTM-2904 / Create Mass Bookings Utility – The utility to create Bookings in Energy for Budget Billing tanks now includes the ability to select the Booking Contract format in addition to including the seller's signature at the time of creating these Bookings. Notifications will then be sent to SKY when the database has the DBID populated in Agvance.


  • FTM-2852 / Sales Tax Codes – Sales tax code amounts display as expected when importing the Daily Clear at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear.
  • FTM-2700 / Contract File – The prepaid sales tax amount and amount used for sales tax display as expected in the contract export for Energy Force at Transfers / Export / Energy Force.
  • FTM-2851 / Energy Force Import – When populated in the Energy Force Daily Clear file at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear, the Meter Number is used to validate the tank setup rather than using the RRN when it is populated.
  • FTM-2930 / Prepay Sales Tax Products – When importing Energy Force Daily Clear files at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear, the option to Ignore booking product match now applies to sales tax as well. Additionally, the import will ignore the Prepay Sales product set up in the Agvance Energy Force Cross Reference grid.
  • FTM-3101 / Sales Tax on Invoice – When importing the Daily Clear at Transfer / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear and multiple products are included in the journal from Energy Force, each product's sales tax will now be included in the Invoice created. The total of these sales tax items will match the sales tax Agvance puts on the Invoice. 
  • FTM-3016 / Daily Clear Down Payment Bookings – When importing the Daily Clear file for deliveries that consume down payment Bookings at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear, Energy Force transaction code 31 (credit transaction) is ignored.



  • FTM-2765 / Transportation Method – There is a new field (MOT) available when adding a Purchase Contract, Sales Contract, and Shipment to assign transportation method. A list of Transportation Methods must first be set up at Grain / Setup / Transportation Method. An Inactive checkbox is available when adding or editing Transportation Methods but those marked as Inactive cannot be used on new transactions. However, they will remain on any transactions saved prior to inactivating that method.
  • FTM-2766 / Shipment Settlement AR Invoice Number – A new column has been added at Operations / Shipment Settlements to provide the AR Invoice Number
  • FTM-2784 / Purchase Contract Window – Additional columns were added at Operations / Purchase Contracts as well as the Select a Purchase Contract window. The additional columns are:
    • Contract Type
    • Delivery Date
    • Contract Quantity
    • Contract Quantity Received
    • Contract Quantity Remaining
    • Cash Price
    • Contract Status
    • Futures Price
    • Basis Price
    • Bid Criteria
    • Destination
    • Pricing Notes
    • Futures Month
  • FTM-2902 / Grain Settlements – The Scale Ticket location prints in the Assembly detail section of the Settlement document when using the Scale Ticket Settlement format.
  • FTM-2911 / Simulated Payments – In STLM, navigating to Operations / Simulated Payments gives the ability to generate a simulated payment to priced for selected sources. A preview of the Settlement document will display with limited detail that can be emailed or saved as a PDF to send to the grower. Information changed or selected on this transaction will not be remembered or posted.
  • FTM-2961 / Contract Summary – A new Contract Summary section is available on the new condensed format of the Settlement document that will include the total for the source contracts when that option is selected to print on the Settlement document. If no contracts exist on the sources, this section will be suppressed.
  • FTM-2624 / Purchase Contract Amendment – The Purchase Contract Amendment document now explains the changes that occurred with each amendment.
  • FTM-2832 / Reversing Priced Settlements – When reversing a priced Settlement, if it can be determined that the check/ACH has been marked as cleared in the bank reconciliation and a standard advance Settlement deduction exists, and advance Settlement will automatically be created for the check amount. If it has NOT been cleared, a message will be displayed asking if the advance should be created. If more than one advance code exists, the advance code to use will need to be selected as well as the source location of the Settlement if using marketing locations and if multiple sources exist on the original Settlement.
  • FTM-3043 / Editing Transactions after being Freight Reconciled – Transactions that have been freight reconciled in Grain that includes the creation of an AP Bill (Commodity Transfer, Shipment, Grain Bank Shipment, and STLM Scale Tickets) can now be edited without error.
  • FTM-2829 / Customer Splits Default Grower – In STLM on the Assembly Sheet selection, if the customer splits are selected first, the first customer in the list will be the default Grower when selecting a Farm or Field.
  • FTM-2795, 2797, 2798 / Open Storage - Hold Defaults – In STLM only, a new DPR category (Hold) is available under Open Storage. The rules regarding this new category can be found here.
  • FTM-3017 / Migrating Purchase Contracts STLM – The migration of Purchase Contracts now allows for the Scale Tickets with open units on a Scale Ticket referenced by a Settlement or with child/parent split records with Settlements referenced. These Scale Tickets will be switched to share units prorating the freight percent to each of these overfill lines. The preexisting charges and charge amount paid will be prorated based on units moving to the new split line. The Drying Bank transferred will be the amount needed from the new schedule to cover the drying on the new split to the amount paid on the source split line.

Grain Reports

  • FTM-2795 / Scale Ticket Split Information Hold Only – An option has been added at Grain Reports / Scale Tickets on the Scale Ticket Split Information report to run the report for only Scale Ticket split lines marked as Hold. When this option is used, the header of the report will indicate these records are Hold Only.
  • FTM-2787 / Delivered Grain Report – A new option is available when running the Delivered Grain report by farm. Selecting Print Current Location for Report Header at Grain Reports / Customer Analysis prints each farm on a separate page with the customer's name and address printing on the first page but suppressed on subsequent pages for the same farm.
  • FTM-2919 / Storage and Service Charge Report – In STLM, a new option is available at the Storage and Service Charges report (or Invoice Storage and Service Charges utility) that will display the Scale Ticket split detail of the calculations.
  • FTM-2932 / Purchase Contract Amendment – A Purchase Contract Amendment report is now available to show the Purchase Contract the amendment was added to, the change made to the Purchase Contract, the date and time the change was made, and who made the change.


  • FTM-2770, 2892 / Include Checking Account ID – A new preference has been added at Setup / Preferences on the General tab to Include account reference when printing settlement checks to PrintBoss so PrintBoss can have the correct checking account to print on the check. A new PrintBoss template is needed to use this preference as well as some setup in PrintBoss. Additionally, the Ref # label has been removed.
  • FTM-2842 / Notice to Seller Box – To be compliant with the State of Minnesota regulations, an option has been added at Setup / Preferences on the General tab to Print A Box Around The Notice To Seller for custom Purchase Contracts. This option is available when editing or adding a Purchase Contract in the Custom Contracts section.
  • FTM-2791 / Default Broker – A Default Broker can now be set up on the Location Preferences tab at Setup / Preferences. When adding a Futures/Options Contract based on the location of the transaction, the Default Broker (Vendor) will be selected as long as it is currently marked as Active. If the current vendor is NOT marked as Active, saving will not be an option.
  • FTM-2962 / Purchase Contract Terms – Terms can now be printed on the front and back of the Purchase Contract by checking the Print Second Page Terms option when setting up a Custom Contract under Setup / Preferences on the General tab.


  • FTM-2863 / Freight Reconciliation Utility –  When voiding an AP Bill that reconciled Grain Freight after installing 7.0.22770, the original freight records are reopened to be reconciled again in Grain at Grain / Utilities / Reconcile Grain Freight.

Grain Scale Interface

  • FTM-3009 / Auto Start for Dual Probe Reader – When the same auto start location is used for multiple probes, the RFID reader URL that populates is based on the setup of the scale being used on the particular computer using the auto start functionality. In the Add mode, if Auto Start is not selected, Scale 3 and location can no longer be duplicated.
  • FTM-2956 / STLM - Importing Tickets – The validation used to determine if a Scale Ticket can be transferred from Grain Scale Interface to Grain was enhanced to follow the contract overfill options when the Spot After Contract action is selected and no Spot Price exists on the ticket when the preference to Stop transfer of spot priced ticket with zero price is selected. If there are Contracts that can be applied to the split, those will be used first before determining if the split will end in a Priced Disposition without a price at the ticket level. The only time the Base Price will be populated on the Grain Scale Ticket is when the % of Base Price exists as a PD Schedule for Drying or Grade Factors and all splits that are priced currently have a contract applied.


  • FTM-2868 / Grower/Customer ID – The ability to edit a Grower/Customer ID has been removed. To update an ID, a new customer will need added with the desired ID then the old customer will need to be merged with the new at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities then Hub / Combine Customers.
  • FTM-2967 / Billable Acres – The Acres label on the Field Profile window has been changed to Billable Acres.


  • FTM-2600 / Require Farm – When the SKY Mapping interface has been implemented, there is a new preference on the Field tab at Setup / Company Preferences to require the existence of any Field with a boundary to be saved with a Farm in place.
  • FTM-2835 / Product Attributes – Product Attributes shown in the Add/Edit Product window and Product Multi-Select window will now only be those explicitly marked to display at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the Product tab. This new setup defaults to off for all existing and new attributes and will need to be modified to be included.
  • FTM-2908 / Location ID Editing – The ability to edit a Location ID at Hub / Setup / Locations or Accounting / Setup / Locations has been restricted.
  • FTM-3035, 3075 / Favorite Vendor List – Favorite Vendors can now be set up at Hub / Setup and used from the Add/Edit Vendor and Select a Vendor windows. These favorites are saved per user.


  • FTM-2834 / Remove Email Addresses Labels – The Remove Email Addresses label found by selecting Add/Create at Hub / Utilities / Create/Refresh Play Data, going to Hub / Utilities / Replace Database From Image, and in Agvance Utilities at Utilities / Restore Database has been updated to now read Remove Email Addresses Except for Statements.
  • FTM-2841 / Remove Email Addresses Checkbox – The option to Remove Email Addresses Except for Statements when adding or creating play data at Utilities / Create/Refresh Play Data has been updated to Remove Email Addresses with additional options of Except for Statements or Remove ALL. Except for Statements is selected as the default.

Admin Utilities

  • FTM-3048 / Reconcile Downpayment Prepay – The Reconcile Downpayment Prepay utility found at Accounting / A/R Utilities has been updated to allow the payment created to be out of balance when saving.
  • FTM-2810 / Delete Grower360 Statements – When the Delete Grower360 Statements utility, found at Admin Utilities / Accounting, is used to delete statement transaction values from the table holding statement records sent to Grower360, the actual file in cloud storage will now also be deleted, breaking any email link sent out in error.


  • FTM-2775 / Mobile Phone Scanner – Using a camera scanner to scan barcodes works as expected.