7.0.24590 | 12.12.2023 General Release

– Key Highlight

  • FTM-3197 / Sort/Filter Crops on Transactions – Double-clicking the Crop label/field on various transactions in Agvance (Blend Tickets, Field Plans, Invoices, Delivery Tickets) displays the single-select Crop form allowing for filtering and full text search. This is to aid in the selection of crops in a company with numerous crops set up.
  • FTM-3487 / API Release Notes – A link to API Release Notes has been added to https://api.agvance.net/.


  • FTM-2994 / Ship To Email – New fields are available on the Ship To setup found by selecting Addresses when adding/editing a Customer. A single Email Address can be added. If utilizing email capabilities in Agvance, indicate how to handle the email - Email Staged or Email Direct. When the full Mail Host information and the API Database ID are populated and an email is entered on a Ship To selected for an Invoice, the email will be included in the list of those receiving the email of this transaction. This allows Growers who have individuals responsible at each Ship To for billing to have separate setups and not have to include all of their billing managers on every Invoice being sent to the Grower.
  • FTM-3306 / Combine Customer Utility – Highlight a Customer at Accounting / File / Open / Customers and select Start With to add a new Customer with the data from the highlighted customer populated. The ID will need to be set to a new ID and there are options are available to Copy Tech Licenses, Copy State Permits, Copy Addresses, and Copy Quotes. Social Security Numbers and FEINs are not copied over.
    Note: The Start With button is hidden unless the role the user is under has been enabled to use this feature by selecting Roles at Hub / Setup / Users. On the Role Name tab, the Allow access to Start With Customer option is available.


  • FTM-2971 / Delivery Ticket - Truckload Manager – A new field on the Delivery Ticket will track if the ticket has been printed from either Accounting or Truckload Manager. When updating to this version, the current setting will use the edited status of the ticket to default this setting. Moving forward, only the print of the ticket will set this field to true.
  • FTM-2666 / Product Request Form Available to Deliver – In the Product Request process, when asking for the Available to Deliver value of a product with more than one product matching the selected Product ID and Department category in the Warehouse location, a window displays with those filtered Products to see which Department should be used.
  • FTM-3117 / Combine/Split Delivery Ticket – When utilizing the Combine/Split Delivery Ticket feature, the Select Customer(s) or Field for Delivery Split window displays as expected.
  • FTM-3119 / Grower Order Product Selection Filtering – The Grower Order Product Selection window at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order Product Substitution now uses the multi-select window with filters. This selection is still limited to a single Product.
  • FTM-3273 / Ordered Date/Time – When printing a Delivery Ticket, the Ordered Time will now come from the createddatetimeutc adjusted for the Location's time zone. This is only for new tickets. Existing tickets will continue to use the TranTime of the Delivery Ticket.
  • FTM-3307 / Purchase Receipt Costs – The Estimated Average Cost and Freight proration display as expected on the resulting Purchase Receipts when creating an ICT from Blends or Deliveries. Additionally, the values display as expected when entering a Purchase Invoice from that Purchase Receipt.
  • FTM-3352 / B2B Seed Return Message – A new Special Instructions text field is now available on the Return Purchase Receipt when the Vendor being used is set up for the Returns message (B2B / Setup / Seed Orders) and the checkbox to Send Product Returns Message is selected. This text will be saved to the database and will be included in the transaction portion of the XML message.
  • FTM-3394 / Estimated Average Cost Calculation on ICT – When entering an Inter-Company Transfer with Estimated Average Cost Department products, quantities for unprocessed, loaded Delivery and Blend Ticket are included.
  • FTM-3298 / Importing ICT into Purchase Invoice – When selecting Multi ICT on the Purchase Invoice window at Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Invoice, the add-on charges that are manually added to this transaction will be visible as expected.
  • FTM-3427 / Product Request Form – The ability to move freight to a Purchase Order was added for non-Direct Shipped transactions when a Freight Vendor and Amounts are entered on the Product Request at Accounting / Inventory / Product Requests.
  • FTM-3458 / Product Request Form – A new user security preference is available at the Role level (select Roles at Hub / Setup / Users) to give the User permission to change the status of a Product Request without going through the normal, required Product Request transaction sequence of events. If the new preference is off (which is the default), there is no change in the way the user is stopped from moving a Request to the next step.


  • FTM-3336 / Booking Contracts – The Booking Contract documents at Accounting / A/R / Product Bookings were modified to allow for a larger number in the Quantity column.
  • FTM-3486 / Financing Tool Integration – The ability to use a new financing tool has been added to Accounting at A/R / Financing.
    Note: Contact SSI to see what current Finance companies are supported.


  • FTM-3303 / Checkbook Reconciliation – The Checkbook Reconciliation at Accounting / G/L / Checkbook Reconciliation now has separate columns for the Vendor (JE Vendor Name) and Customer (JE Customer Name) tied to the Journal Entry being displayed in the grid. For those posting Grain GL reports for Shipment Settlements or Shipment Advances, this prevents the name from being appended to the Description.
  • FTM-3461 / Grain Settlement Reversal – When using the Checkbook Reconciliation window at Accounting / G/L / Checkbook Reconciliation and using more than one checking account linked to the same database, the reconciliation record created will have a reference to the Journal Entry. The reverse of the Settlement will indicate that it has NOT been reconciled and a message will display asking if an advance should be created.

End of Periods

  • FTM-3535 / Mag-Filer 2023 – Mag-Filer 2023 has been implemented and the changes needed for the integration for the 1099 have been made to include the new columns. This program is available to be activated, downloaded, and installed. The install this year is an MSI rather than EXE.


  • FTM-3277 / Booking Offers Budget Billing Tanks – Tanks included on the Create tab of the Booking Offer utility at Accounting / Utilities / Booking Offers will ONLY be those not set up with a Budget Billing cycle.
  • FTM-3278 / Sort Booking Offers Grid – The Booking Offer tool in Accounting will now sort the preview of Booking records by Customer ID, creating a record for each customer in each date range selected. If not using the Use tank history option, the single Booking record for the selected product will sort by Customer ID.
  • FTM-3012 / Available to Deliver – A new Available to Deliver column is available at Utilities / Product Availability upon selecting Calc Pending Usage. This amount is calculated as Amount on Hand - Unloaded Delivery Tickets and Blend Tickets - Quantity on Released Product Requests.
  • FTM-3324 / Booking Offers – When Bookings are created at Utilities / Booking Offers, the Save Set will be updated so those processed lines will not be included when the grid is loaded the next time.
  • FTM-3498 / Customer Price Lookup – The Customer Price Lookup utility at Accounting / Utilities / Customer Price Lookup will no longer have the option to use a prior year database. It will default to a date range six months prior to today's date. However, a longer period can be chosen crossing multiple fiscal years.


  • FTM-3425 / EDI Requested Date Required – A new Vendor Classification selection was added to the bottom left at Setup / Preferences on the Inventory Purchase tab. This Classification selection, Require Date Requested on PO, gives the ability to select a Vendor Classification to require Purchase Orders be stopped if they do not have the Requested Date populated on the PO. Additionally, Vendors set up as Electronic Vendors will have a label displayed when adding a Purchase Order.
  • FTM-3300 / Surcharge Amount – A new option is available at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab to Disable Surcharge Changes. When enabled, this restricts the ability to change the surcharge amount on all payment forms from what is calculated.
    Note: This applies to Payments on Account(s), Bookings, Budget Billing Invoices, and A/R Invoices.
  • FTM-3512 / AR Payment Receipt Logo – Logos can now be printed on Payment Receipts at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences on the Logo tab. When this option is selected, the resulting document will suppress the printing of the company heading text and will use the logo saved in the Agvance database.
    Note: The Payment Receipt produced from Agvance uploaded to SKY storage will now follow this same preference whether created in Accounting or from SKY.


  • FTM-3304 / Positive Pay Format 19 – The Amount field no longer has a decimal point for Format 19 at Transfers / Export / Positive Pay.
  • FTM-3177 / Crop Protection Product Price Sheet – The Crop Protection Product import for the price sheet at Accounting / Transfers / Import / Electronic Price Sheet will now look for the GrossPrice tag without the space to match what is being sent from Winfield.
  • FTM-3409 / ICT Import Voyager – The Intercompany Transfer import using Voyager at Transfers / Import / Voyager will set the dollar amount on the offsetting product to reflect the booked price when it changes from the default Price Level as expected.

Accounting Reports

  • FTM-3044 / New Hampshire RUP – The New Hampshire RUP report at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Restricted Use Pesticides has been modified to include federal permit categories, active ingredients, and applicator information.
  • FTM-3122 / New Hampshire Daily Use RUP – A new New Hampshire Daily Use report was added at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • FTM-3347 / AP Bill Payment History from Purchase Invoices – The A/P Check Number and A/P Check Date display as expected on the AP Bill Payment History from Purchase Invoices report at Accounting Reports / Inventory / Purchase.
  • FTM-3350 / Tech License Report – The Customer selection for reports found at Accounting Reports / A/R / Customer will now limit the selection list to two billion customers. This will allow users restricted from customer locations to tag all customers they do have access to in the report.
  • FTM-3372 / Ticket Reconciliation Journal – On the Ticket Reconciliation Journal report at Accounts Receivable / Sales, the date the ticket was actually marked as Loaded was added to both report styles for both Blends and Deliveries.
  • FTM-3497 / Customer Credit Analysis Report – The Customer Credit Analysis Report was modified to implement the Customer Classification filter as expected on the main form, eliminating the need to select the Classifications from the Customer multi-select form to filter them by this selection.


  • FTM-3127 / EDN Alt Location Code – When editing the B2B setup for Electronic Delivery Notification, the setting to use the Alternate Location Code will now be remembered from previous setup.


  • FTM-3198 / Crop Chemistries – The Crop Chemistry on Plans and Blends can now be selected by double-clicking the label next to the drop-down. This will display a list with sorting and filtering available.


  • FTM-3496 / Budget Billing Statements – The Email Attachments (PDF) section at Setup / Preferences now has BB Statement (Budget Billing Statement) as an option. This will work similar to the other statement attachments in that the document needs to exist in the path for whomever is running the statement. A second document will be sent to CRM and will merge to a single file if the document type is a PDF to upload to Grower360/email direct with a link to the growers as part of that upload to Grower360.



  • FTM-3207 / Energy Force Contract Export – The Energy Force Contract export at Transfers / Export / Energy Force was modified to use the prepay dollars on the Booking line item rather than the current balance prepaid for the customer.
  • FTM-3400 / Customer GUID – The customer's GUID will now be included as the last column in the export to Energy Force at Energy / Transfers / Export / Energy Force.
  • FTM-3423 / Energy Force Import Booking Consumption – When the option to Ignore booking product match is NOT selected at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear, the option to Use prepaid sales tax product setup will be defaulted in and locked. When Ignore booking product match IS selected, there will be three options available under the Prepay Tax drop-down: Do not prepay sales tax, Use prepaid sales tax product setup, and Use any line from the specified booking. This allows the import to be set up according to how the company prefers it to work.


  • FTM-3356 / Budget Billing Tool – The Booking Quantity on the Create tab of the Update Budgets/Create Bookings tool at Energy / Utilities will now be the largest of the three values when using Tank history based on the selected date ranges. The rounding indicated on the Setup tab will be taken into account.
  • FTM-3357 / Budget Billing Tool Activity – New columns have been added to the Create tab of the Update Budgets/Create Bookings tool at Energy / Utilities. Each date range is now available to display the amount delivered for the three date ranges selected on the Setup tab.


  • FTM-3424 / Installing AME – The AME install process that occurs when completing a full or PDO sync has been updated to launch from within the AME application and will no longer download a separate .exe from a browser session. Upon selecting Yes to install the update to bring this machine up to current version of the home office, it will download the file to the %temp%\SSI\AMEInstall\ folder. When the setup is downloaded, it will then be launched in an Admin mode prompting to continue (only with UAC - User Access Control - turned on). The publisher of the setup program will be identified as SSI. If not an admin on that local machine, admin credentials will need to be entered.
    Note: This will only happen the NEXT time after installing this Agvance version.
  • FTM-3387 / Split Ticket - View Splits – When viewing splits in AME on an Invoice, the Default Terms and Due Date will be retained on the Invoice.



  • FTM-3205 / Amendment Document Decimal – When printing the Purchase Contract Amendment Document or running the Purchase Contract Amendment report, the Amendment document and report will print the decimal accuracy of the Quantity fields when they are changed. Previous entries will not be updated.
  • FTM-3136 / STLM Hold Status – In STLM, when the Split record is set to Hold, that is the Disposition that will print rather than Open Storage.
  • FTM-3341 / Grain Scale Interface Tare Weight – When completing a Grain Scale Interface ticket in Unmanned mode, the application will not save the ticket if the Gross or Tare Weight is zero when the Ready for Transfer is not set, if no Customers have been selected for the Scale Ticket, and/or when capturing a weight with a value of zero. This was changed for all RFID forms (Kahler, Prairie Scales (Com and Ethernet), and TagMaster.
  • FTM-3438 / Sold Grain Price Later – In order to be in compliance with IL requirements, Sold Grain; Price Later will be included on the Scale Interface printouts if the following criteria are met:
    • The Location is set up as an IL PL/BF with the DPR of the split being either PL or BF
    • The location of the ticket is an IL PL/BF ticket
    • The preference is set to use the customer's Location for the transaction detail
    • Any of the customers on the split have a Location that is IL PL/BF
    • Any split is a PL or BF Disposition

Grain Reports

  • FTM-3327 / STLM Hold Status – In STLM, the following areas have been changed to show Hold instead of Open Storage when the Scale Ticket split line has a Disposition of Open Storage and Hold is checked: Assembly Sheet Summary, Assembly Sheet with Scale Tickets, Grain Balance Detail, Scale Ticket Split Information, and Customer Account Details for customer balances.
  • FTM-3019 / Purchase Contract Listing Report – The Purchase Contract Listing report at Grain / Grain Reports / Purchase Contracts will have the expected inputs available for the report regardless of which report options were selected from other reports on this same window.


  • FTM-2825 / Require MOT on Shipments – A new option is available on the Location Preferences tab at Setup / Preferences to Require MOT on shipments. When checked, the Method of Transportation is required in order to save a Purchase Contract, Sales Contract, and/or Shipment.
  • FTM-3402 / Commodity Cost Override – A new preference per Commodity is available at Grain / Setup / Commodities called Suppress Invoice Cost Override. When checked and this Commodity is on an AR Invoice, rows related to the Commodity from the Product or Manufactured Formula are suppressed from view for that user. The cost in this case saves as the default set on the Product.


  • FTM-3027 / Send Statements as PDFs – When sending Statements (both A/R and Budget Billing), the option to Include Document As Attachment on the Customer profile on the Document Auto Delivery tab of the CRM tab will now be honored for A/R and Budget Billing Statements for both Email Direct and Email Staged.
  • FTM-3215 / Link Agvance Location to Mapping Location – The ability to link an Agvance Location to a Mapping Location has been added when editing/adding a Location at Setup / Locations. To be able to see this control, the Mapping Interface must be enabled and working. To modify a linked Location, the daily password will be required.
  • FTM-3302 / Deleting or Inactivating Customers – Customers connected to SKY Mapping cannot be deleted or inactivated.


  • FTM-3252 / Location Reference List – The custom export of the Location Reference List at Reports / Location Reports now includes the Region from the Location.


  • FTM-3078 / Fields within 500 Feet of a School – A new Classification selection (Field Classification Within 500 Ft of School) has been added to the Field tab at Setup / Company Preferences to allow a warning when saving a Blend Ticket for one of the fields in the classification.
  • FTM-3217 / Manufacturer List – Manufacturers are now listed in alphabetical order.


  • FTM-3251 / Edit Product Pricing – When using the Import option with the Edit Product Pricing utility at Hub / Utilities and the Department ID is the first column in the file, the import sets this value in the grid as expected.

Admin Utilities

  • FTM-3573 / Reconcile Downpayment Prepay Utility – The Reconcile Downpayment Prepay utility at Admin Utilities / Accounting / A/R Utilities now uses the same accuracy and precision in the SQL as the Checkup in Accounting Reports does for the SQL casting, keeping the customer in balance.


  • FTM-3279 / AgStudio Code – The 27.3.630.0 version of AgStudio has been implemented.
  • FTM-3475 / PLSS Information – The Legacy version of AgStudio Mapping 27.5.915.0 has been implemented.



  • FTM-3412 / Grower Summary Report – The Grower Summary report at Planning / Reports will now honor the ZN Blended Analysis when the Show Blended Analysis Recap option is checked.


  • FTM-2854 / Scan to Confirm Products – A new option to Require Scan to Confirm Picked Products is available when adding/editing a User at Hub / Setup / User on the Warehouse tab of the Agvance Apps tab. This will require the user to scan to confirm the correct product has been selected when doing an outbound edit of an existing ticket and completing the pick process.