Web Authoring - SKY Analytics

Connect to data to edit existing views or create new with Web Authoring in Analytics. To access these capabilities, a user’s role must be set for authoring.

Select a Workbook

  • Select a category on the left and choose a dashboard with the type of data needed then select a dashboard on the right to begin. 
  • Select Edit at the bottom of the dashboard to navigate to the workspace area.

Author a View

Selecting a dashboard automatically connects to the dashboards data source. 

  1. To create a visual analysis of the data or view, select the Go to Sheet icon on a sheet in the left side panel. The Workspace area displays on the right. 
    • Workbook – A workbook contains sheets. A sheet can be a worksheet, a dashboard, or a story.
    • Pages & Filters Shelves, Marks Cards – Drag fields to the cards and shelves in the workspace to add data to the view. 
    • Columns & Rows Shelf – Drag fields to the cards and shelves in the workspace to add data to the view. 
    • Toolbar – Use the toolbar for commands, analysis, and navigation tools. 
    • View – Create data visualizations in this workspace. 
    • Side Bar – In a worksheet, the side bar contains the Data and Analytics panes. 
    • Sheet Tabs – These represent each workbook sheet. This can include worksheets, dashboards, and stories. 
  2. Go to File / Save As to save the Workbook in the Company Content folder. This will not overwrite the original dashboard. When finished, select File / Close to exit the workspace. 
  3. Select the Share icon to share saved views and workbooks by a corresponding link via email and other applications or optionally embed the link into web pages, wikis, and web applications.
    Note: To share, the recipient must be a registered Analytics user.