Using Department Categories in Agvance

Department categories are used to link products that are in separate departments. Categories can also be used as a filtering tool on some reports.

Following is a list of most of the areas where categories are used in Agvance:

  • Product Selection Screen
  • Inter-Company Transfer
  • Product Synchronization
  • Replicate Prices
  • Consolidated Inventory Report or any report with an Across Locations option, such as Inventory Book, Undelivered Booked Product, Sales/Purchase Summary, etc.
  • Customer Quotes - company wide
  • Purchase Orders - company wide
  • Bookings - company wide
  • Customer Price Lookup/ Across Locations option
  • Product Lookup
  • Replicate Products
  • Batch Add Products/checked to add to all departments with matching category
  • Tonnage Tax Report - Product Setup - Save All Location Products button

Before changing department categories, consideration may need to be given to these areas if they are currently being utilized within the program.