Sunsetting Payroll | 12.31.2024

The payroll functionality within Agvance will no longer be supported or updated after December 31, 2024. Although this change is not immediate, we want you to have the information necessary to make important business decisions and the time to make a smooth transition.

This decision makes sense for SSI and our customers. With the many payroll providers available, we acknowledge that Agvance Payroll has limited capabilities and is unable to provide the functionality and depth of services required by most businesses today. The two key components missing would be the capabilities to be a complete reporting processer and an HR component. The reporting processor component removes the burden of reporting from your staff so they can do more important duties for the business. The HR component offers more robust hiring and human resource administrative solutions.

For those of you still using the payroll functions in Agvance, it is important to understand what this decision means to your company. A more detailed explanation regarding the payroll functions that will still be available after the sunset date along with considerations for choosing a third-party provider is available below.

For more information regarding what information needs gathered to assist with the setup of a new system, see Payroll Exports Needed when Moving to New Payroll System.

Working with a payroll provider that specializes in payroll provides many benefits, the greatest of which is confidence in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations. There are many payroll options available, depending on your company’s needs. Some offer basic functionality where others offer many robust features.

Follow this link to the Paycor website where resources and information like key dates and checklists can be found to help prepare for payroll end of year processes.

Importing Journal Entries

Regardless of the vendor you select, you can still import journal entries from your paychecks into Agvance as either Excel or CSV files. For more information, follow the link below:

More Information on Paycor

Not sure where to get started? We have partnered with Paycor who offers both payroll processing and HR tools. For more information, follow the link below:

Although you may still have access to the payroll features after December 31, 2024, please note the following will not be supported or updated:

  • Time tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Annuity reporting
  • Payroll check processing
  • Federal/FICA/Medicare table updates
  • Tax table setup
  • All existing payroll reports

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.