Stock History

Stock History entries may be created at File / Open / Stock History. The Stock History records any Patronage transaction related to a specific Stock Certificate. The Stock History may be manually added, edited, or deleted. It is also created automatically by any Pay or Transfer Equity function in Patronage.

Note: It is advised not to modify Stock History due to its importance in other areas of the Patronage module, such as the calculation of interest, demand notes, and reports.

  • Stock # – Double-click and select a certificate from the Select Stock Certificate window.
  • Customer ID – This fills in automatically when a Stock # is selected. The Customer ID is grayed out and can only be changed by selecting a different Stock #.
  • Transaction Date – Enter the date the Stock History transaction occurred. When making a new Stock History, the system date defaults automatically.
  • Description – Enter an alpha/numeric description of the transaction.
  • Comment – Enter an alpha/numeric comment about the transaction.
  • Check # – The actual alpha/numeric check number associated with the history transaction should be entered here.
  • Equity Change – Enter the dollar value increase or decrease that affects the selected Stock Certificate for that specific history transaction.
  • Amount Paid – Enter the dollar value disbursed via check for that specific history transaction. This disbursement may be associated with the selected Stock Certificate but does not necessarily affect the equity of the stock.
  • Check RefNum – This provides a unique link back to the database records for patronage checks. This number cannot be edited.